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Offering Protection Against Your Child Support Issues

Making a marriage work through divorce can be emotionally challenging, complicated, and tiring.  When a couple is not meant to be together and marriage fails to work, divorce is the only way to allow both people to live normal lives.  Divorce may sound easy, but it is actually very complex, with many processes involved.  Both parents have to come to agreements on their children financially and also in custody.  This sometimes can get messy because parents fail to come to an agreement.  This is where it is necessary to have a divorce attorney to help in taking the situation to court.  In order to make the process run smoothly, it is important to have a special attorney that is well educated in the area.  This is when Cindy D. Sackrin should be contacted.

Cindy D. Sackrin is a specialist in the field of divorce and family law.  She is very knowledgeable in the area, and has used her expertise to be successful for the past 32 years.  She is a board certified family law attorney in the Hallandale Beach, Florida area, and offers professional support to anyone seeking help in the area of divorce or family issues.  Her practice takes place both inside and outside of the courtroom.  During her practice, Cindy Sakrin has been awarded an elite certification of “Marital and Family Law Specialist” from the Florida Bar.  She is definitely one of the most specialized in the area, and understands the value of family.

There are many specific guidelines that have to be followed for child support laws and divorce within Florida.  There are numerous considerations that have to be taken into account regarding the well being of the children in the family.  Post-divorce programs are also offered that take into account factors such as the ability of the dependent spouse, the capacity of the earning spouse, and the age of marriage, to name a few.  This can be hard to provide without the help from Cindy D. Sackrin.  She has a history of very successful cases and also customer service.  She has a lot of experience in solving cases in the family and divorce area, even some cases involving well-known athletes.

Child support and divorce cases can be complex.  With the help of Ms. Sackrin’s Hollywood divorce attorney firm, they can make things a lot easier and assist with all of the legal processes.

About The Law Offices of Cindy D. Sackrin

Divorce and family cases can be very complicated to handle.  Cindy D.  Sackrin, attorney and specialist of family and divorce law, makes it easy.  Bring her a problem and she will assist anyone both inside and outside of the courtroom.  With her 32 years of experience, she is well educated in the area, and will make any case a success.  Cindy Sakrin has been awarded an elite certification of “Marital and Family Law Specialist” from the board.

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