17 October, 2017 – Gustasi, the leading online home chef that is known for evoking high-flying deeds when it comes to connecting passionate food vendors to customers, proudly announces its quest for chefs of homemade foods to their website.  The website links qualified chef of homemade foods who are verified by Gustasi, government Id, kitchen, HACCP and a commercial license for selling food to customers who miss their country food.

“Gustasi was birth with the aim that people should be able to enjoy great homemade food made by local home chefs the same way they enjoy restaurant food outside. We don’t just provide our users with the ability to find great food from restaurants like other sites; we also collaborate with local home chefs to find the best homemade cuisines for our users” said the spokesperson of the company

Gustasi is an online service that helps people order delivery and takeout from home chefs or local restaurants through their website or through their App available for iPhone & Android.  Their sellers are the local home chefs, famous restaurant chefs and sometimes the restaurants themselves. They ensure that they pick only the best chefs for their customers not neglecting their culinary skills. They are known for their great sumptuous taste, quality, and hygiene. The website is 100% free and easy to use without any hidden charges.

Gustasi wants food vendors from different countries who are passionate about cooking, experts in their country’s food to start a business from home. The food vendors should be able to serve and connect their neighborhood, track orders, publish items on the website and build their brand by cooking delicious meals. Gustasi will link customers with sellers based on orders made with locations.

Once an order is placed, the app or website automatically shows the confirmation along with the delivery date and time either via email or text message based on one’s choice of preference. Customers can also hire great chefs, by reading their profile, reviews, and ratings and can also get their favorite food at any time of the day. Food charges will directly be paid to the seller either during delivery or takeout based on the customer’s choice.

Services offered include dine and deliveries, pickup services,  private chefs and event catering like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, holiday events and more taking place in the comfort of your home. They don’t just provide users the ability to find great food from restaurants like other sites; they also collaborate with local home chefs to find the best homemade cuisines for our users.

Phone number validation is required during the signup process to ensure that the rightful owner of such account will have exclusive access to it. Government identification cards or any other valid means of identification, apicture of the kitchen, HACCP and Restaurant license are required for documentation purposes. Certified restaurant and experts in different local dishes are invited to register on https://www.gustasi.com

For more detailed information on how to get started, please visit https://www.gustasi.com

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