TriCoast Entertainment takes you back to the 1973 crime filled New York with Amazon Prime premiere of mafia, drama ‘THE BROOKLYN BANKER’.

Los Angeles, CA – October 17, 2017 – “The ‘Sopranos’ lite,” – Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter.

TriCoast Entertainment is proud to officially release the premiere of “The Sopranos” heartthrob, Federico Castelluccio’s ‘70s-set gangster drama, “THE BROOKLYN BANKER” on Amazon Prime.

Written by Michael Ricigliano, “THE BROOKLYN BANKER” tells the story of an honest, straight-arrowed family man who quickly succumbs to New York City’s pressures of crime and violence, leading to one outcome of corruption and ultimate downfall. Similar to centuries of Hollywood’s intriguing Mafia films, viewers are guaranteed to sit on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next victim, next act of disloyalty, dramatic pauses, and crucial greed for money and power. 

“Informing us in its credits that it was “filmed entirely on location in Brooklyn,” the movie certainly boasts evocative visual atmosphere, conveying the ethnically diverse neighborhood as it felt before becoming a hipster enclave. Featuring Sinatra songs on the soundtrack (although not actually sung by Sinatra) and showcasing footage of Sorvino parading through the real-life Giglio Feast, The Brooklyn Banker seems designed to make Italians swoon,” said Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s 1973 and vice president of Williamsburg Brooklyn bank, Santo Basutcci is struggling to make ends meet with his third child on the way, despite his ability to memorize large numbers and bright future within the banking industry. Santo is able to resist the lure of popular New York crime and influence from Benny, his low-life gangster and father-in-law.

But when Benny brings Santo to New York’s crime top dog, Manny “The Hand”, Santo receives an offer he cannot refuse, as he begins using his unusual number talents to participate in a phony check-chasing scheme.

“Like a daytime soap, it is always a little bit comforting seeing such familiar archetypes onscreen all at once. “The Brooklyn Banker” takes every Italian mob characteristic from classic gangster films and funnels them into the forms of Benny and Manny, to both the film’s fleeting success and detriment. There is something innately intriguing about the Benny type, the sleazy figure on the sidelines who constantly acts as the catalyst of action in the film. In many ways he’s a small man standing on the shoulders of others in order to feel tall, and it’s in those moments where he’s most interesting,” said Ally Johnson, The Playlist.

Castelluccio’s acclaimed cast includes the lead of Santo by Troy Gariety (TV series “Ballers”, “Barbershop” franchise), Benny by Paul Sorvino (“Goodfellas”, “Romeo + Juliet”), and Manny “The Hand” by David Proval (“Mean Streets”, “The Shawshank Redemption”). “THE BROOKLYN BANKER” also includes phenomenal stars Arthur Nascarella (“Running Scared”, “Enemy of the State”), Elizabeth Masacci (“Public Morals”), and John Bedford Lloyd (“The Bourne Supremacy”).

Watch “THE BROOKLYN BANKER” on Amazon Prime and on additional streaming platforms: Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, FlixFling, Google Play, Vimeo on Demand, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

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The Brooklyn Banker (2016, 95 min.) Directed by Federico Castelluccio. Editor: Ray Hubley. Cinematographer: Ken Kelsch. Original Music: Tim Starnes. US, English. Classified Pictures, Pinstripe Entertainment, Jackson Lenard Productions, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Classified Pictures, Pinstripe Entertainment, Jackson Lenard Productions

MPAA Rating: R for violence and language

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