Author Solon Phillips Educates and Enlightens Readers on Marriage and its Relevant Aspects

A helpful book that gives social, emotional and spiritual guidance on marriage and involuntary divorce

Solon Phillips, J.D., M.B.A., compassionately educates individuals on marriage, legal concepts of marriage and divorce, biblical concepts of marriage and divorce, advise individuals on preventing marrying unwisely. This leads to releasing his well-received book, Colored Water: Marriage, Involuntary Divorce, the Law, and God, under Trafford Publishing with a seal of excellence.

He cites examples and an argument for spouses, state legislators, pastors, and therapists, clearly explaining his position on marriage, both socially and spiritually, while clearly establishing whether marriage is a contract or a covenant.  He argues the case that he calls “involuntary divorce” (i.e. unilateral dissolution of a marriage, or abandonment) as being damaging and destructive for both parties, to families and ultimately to society.

Colored Water… is highly recommended by US Review of Books, “Building his case carefully, Phillips intelligently utilizes straightforward and logical arguments, underpinned by legal facts and Biblical examples, though he emphasizes that even non-Christians can agree with the importance of avoiding divorce. Based on legal research and sincere opinion, Colored Water would be an excellent study guide for church or other groups interested in the issues the author presents so capable.”

13 Amazon reviewers are unanimous with their five stars. Lance Sutherland says, “Excellent Book!!! I have never read a book of this magnitude with such detailed descriptions of real-world events that are happening in our families, churches, and the community at large. Truly “riveting!”  Michelle shares, “This book is a comprehensive view of marriage and divorce! !!” D Green adds, “One of my favorite quotes from the book, “Your unhappiness is not stemming from a disconnect from your spouse. Your unhappiness is stemming from a disconnect from your God.This book will open your eyes.” Sheila Reveron comments on Google Reviews, “Hoping this book hits the universe! Let’s stop the pain of divorce and the breakup of families! Excellent read and praying that our judicial system will stop allowing unnecessary divorces to take place. We need new laws! We need to keep marriages strong and together.”

Solon Phillips applies his expertise and combines it with his Christian viewpoint, making this book spiritually enriching and emotionally nourishing for the readers’ realization about marriage and the vulnerability to divorce. “Free will is only as good as the options before you, the information presented to you, and the influences around you,” he shares.

Solon Phillips

Colored Water: Marriage, Involuntary Divorce, the Law, and God

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About the Author 

Solon Phillips received his master’s in business and his juris doctorate from American University Washington College and Law. He lives in Maryland with his two children, Adonis and Athena.

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