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17 October, 2017 – Many people get home sick when they travel to remote places away from home. They find it difficult to get on the internet and access their home contents like they used to do back at home. Most times even if the internet is available in those remote areas, they are not as fast as the internet surfing experience back home. Homing Systems ltd has designed a very brilliant innovative device service ‘AlwaysHome’.

AlwaysHome is a simple solution that empowers users to seamlessly access their home network and country content while traveling, at much faster speed​s. Using a home proxy device, AlwaysHome is a breakthrough “space shifting” technology that gives the user the same Internet experience from home, anywhere in the world.

It enables the user to access their home or business network with blazing fast speed 3 to 10 times faster than a VPN. This includes their servers, PC desktop, printers, etc. It also allows users to retain access to their content subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.

This solution is perfect for: business travelers who desperately need large company files stuck behind strong firewalls, expatriates who are homesick for content from their native country, any professional in a highly regulated industry facing strict privacy policy, digital nomads and remote workers in places with poor internet speed, global tourists who want to relax and enjoy the streaming content they paid for at home and family of frequent travelers who want to get the gift of space shifting without hassle.

Installed an APP, a phone, tablet, streaming box etc can be turned into a home proxy. At remote place, phone, tablet, computer, streaming box etc can then access Internet through this home proxy and enjoy the home IP address and all access to content available at home. User experience is just plug and play with all the technical details are hidden behind the scene. Homing Systems also developed a small portable router that can be used as home proxy and/or remote device.

“This is a magical tiny piece of hardware that looks like a thumb drive with an Ethernet port which solves a serious geo restriction problem I always face when I travel,” says Abdullah, Senior IT consultant.

Trina, an English teacher also says “Your device is fantastic, it’s been a very pleasant surprise. My family agrees that this vpn is by far the best we have used. I will recommend this VPN to all my friends. It’s fast and reliable”

This company is planning to launch a campaign on Indiegogo to raise $30,000. To become a backer visit https://igg.me/at/alwayshome

Buy this amazing product from their website https://www.homingsystems.com/

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