“PERSIA – My Home” – Entertaining travel guide

“PERSIA – My Home” by Susan Princess Reuss
Susan Princess Reuss shows the readers of her book “PERSIA – My Home” a different side of a fascinating country.

Most people only know Persia from magical stories, movies, and maybe a particular video game series. Not many have a clear idea about the true nature of the country, its culture, and its people. Susan Princess Reuss’ book provides a more detailed view especially valuable to readers prreparing for a trip to the country. There are a few things visitors to Persia (Iran) need to know before they travel and narrowing down the must see destinations before a trip is always advisable. This book is instrumental in doing just that.

But there is more than attractions and sightseeing advice to “PERSIA – My Home” by Susan Princess Reuss. Readers will also learn about the history, customs, and culture of Persian people. Especially readers previously unfamiliar with this beautiful country will find much to explore. Unlike many other travel guides will keep you intriegued and entertained to the last page.

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