Grow a Winter Garden With These 9 Hardy Heirloom Vegetables

“Best heirloom seeds and vegetables to grow this winter”
Home and Garden America invites gardeners to grow a winter garden this year, starting with these 9 cool-season heirloom varieties.

Carson City, NV – October 18, 2017 – In the world of vegetable gardening, summer is considered the best time to grow crops, while winter means saying goodbye to the year’s planting season. This may have been the traditional arrangement in the past, but in recent times, many home gardeners have adopted a new mindset. Lots of people are now into winter gardening to extend the vegetable growing season.

Home and Garden America, a small family-owned business based in Nevada, could not be happier about this changing perspective. “Gardening shouldn’t only be exclusive to the warm seasons; the cold winter season can actually grow a productive garden as well. So rather than resting your garden during winter, we urge everyone to take advantage of the cold weather by growing some cool season heirloom crops,” said a company official.

For him, growing heirloom seeds and plants are the best way to make the most out of the cold, gloomy winter days. The avid gardener will not only be cheered up by the fascinating colors and shapes of heirlooms, but will also be comforted by the delicious homemade meals prepared from a winter harvest.

“Heirlooms are celebrated for their amazing flavors, so your soups and salads will be more enjoyable especially this wintertime. Go for heirloom varieties whenever possible,” the official added.

For a truly productive winter garden, he advises gardeners to choose hardy, fast-growing heirloom plants that suit the cool climate. This way, the growing time will be short but the harvests will be rewarding nonetheless. He suggests the following heirloom vegetables and varieties for the best flavors:

• Cabbage: Pak Choi
• Kale: Dwarf Curled Blue Scotch, Dwarf Siberian, Red Russian
• Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson, Bronze Mignonette, Buttercrunch, Oak Leaf, Prizehead
• Mustard Greens: Florida Broadleaf, Old Fashioned, Southern Giant Curled
• Onion: Evergreen Bunching Nebuka
• Radishes: Champion, Cherry Belle, China Rose, Comet, French Breakfast, White Icicle
• Spinach: Bloomsdale Long Standing, Noble Giant
• Swiss Chard: Large White Ribbed, Ruby Red
• Turnips: Purple Top White Globe, Shogoin, White Egg

The varieties listed above can be harvested within 30 to 60 days, making them such a breeze to grow even for beginners. Maintenance is lowkey since the heirloom seeds and plants are very quick to grow, and yet the harvests are remarkable. The resulting crops are delightful additions to the warm and comforting foods that will be served throughout the chilling months.

Now that the advantages of winter gardening are brought to light, Home and Garden America hopes that more gardeners will take up the challenge this year. “Compared to a classic summer garden, a winter garden doesn’t really take as much time and preparation. Even if you start in late autumn, you can still grow a bountiful garden of brassicas, leafy greens and other hardy edibles to enjoy in wintertime. With winter gardening, you’ll realize that you can indeed grow a garden year all long as long as you put your mind to it,” the company official further remarked.

More information about heirloom seeds and plants for winter can be found at the Home and Garden America website.

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Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The small family-owned business offers non gmo heirloom seeds for vegetable gardening.

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