A few months ago the US-based OpenAI robotic company boasted of the ability of gaming robots to outperform their human counterparts in a gaming competition. The increased functionality that is associated with programmable gaming robots is as a result of the immense work that goes into the manufacturing of the present day gaming robots.

KLiK Robotics, founded by Dr. Gareth Nisbet, is a robot gaming company that is based in Oxfordshire UK. The company has released innovative gaming robots called T-BOTS. T-BOTS are programmable robots, boasting an AI which, in combination with gyroscopes and accelerometers  precisely measures tilt, and adapts to maintain balance.

The fun of having a gaming robot that can be controlled with a smartphone is characteristic of the KLiK Robotics gaming system. The journey for the creation of this innovative product began from the desire to inspire children with a product that encourages them beyond the knowledge of their classroom experience.

The T-BOT has a Motor driver board, Bluetooth Module, Arduino based microcontroller, and an Acrylic chassis, all of which comprises the generously featured T-BOTS.

The ultrasound capability of the gaming robot enables it to judge distance and make tactical decisions in response to their environment and other robots in close proximity.

The work of KliK Robotics is also featured in Kickstarter – the famous platform for launching great ideas.

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Company Name: Klik Robotics
Contact Person: Gareth Nisbet
Phone: +44 1367 243353
Address:Highworth Road, Faringdon
State: Oxfordshire, SN7 7EG
Country: United Kingdom