That Damn Angry Black Woman Book Explains Many Points on How They Act

A Black Man Shares His Knowledge of Black Women on Amazon

October 18, 2017 – It has been interesting over the years how many types of women respond to different scenarios or situations in their own particular ways. This is especially the case with black women and the attitudes that they often hold. Author Demetrius V. Hubert has produced a new book called That Damn Angry Black Woman that helps people who are in relationships with black women to understand more about their mindsets and what issues they have.

The book covers many points about black women and why they act as they do. These include points on how many of these women might become easily upset or loud in some way. The book also discussed how they are known to nag at times plus what causes them to do this in the first place.

Hubert uses his experience to discuss what causes black women to act in these many ways. As a black man himself living in Atlanta, he has been around his share of black women over the years. He understands the many issues that these women come across and is willing to talk about them even if they are uncomfortable to some. The goal of his book is to help men, both black and white or otherwise, to understand what it is about black women that make them act as they do and how the roots of these problems can be controlled to keep anyone’s life comfortable.

The book has individual chapters on many aspects relating to the lives of today’s modern black woman. These include chapters about job issues, parenting, marital relationships and even what inspires them to become violent or threatening. Hubert understands that many women are different but his goal is to analyze how women act and figure out why they are like who they are.

The most important part of this book is that it is simple and easy for all men to understand. Hubert has a clear understanding of many points relating to women and what make them so distinct in many forms.

That Damn Angry Black Woman is available for download through Amazon. It is available in the Kindle marketplace.

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