ParaEx Builds a New Digital Currency Transaction Future around the World

New things come as the first sign of the progress of the era. The digital assets has become an emerging economic pattern and injected fresh power to money economy, so to speak, the world is gradually entering an era of digital currency transaction. People put their assets into mobile phones and trade without cash. That’s the very epitome of digital currency age.

Supported by many VC firms, ParaEx Digital Currency Exchange is committed to building a safe and reliable digital assets transaction platform and providing services for millions of registered users in many countries and regions. It has built a new and flexible consensus mechanism for assets only, which is available to public blockchain, private blockchain and Alliance (sandbox) Regulatory Committee. Furthermore, ParaEx builds trust between participants and technologies, promotes the efficiency of asset transaction and settlement, and achieves the maximum asset value. ParaEx has an experienced financial risk control team. From this platform, a comprehensive and safe strategy system can be made for users; the digital assets can be saved in a multi-signature cold wallet; multi-currency transactions in the RMB and dollar market are available, top-up immediately and withdraw fast. It has been honored as the professional operating tool-the flash. Not only do they provide customer services 24/7, but they also launch three transaction modes for users to choose: limited price, market price and plan price.

As a high-frequency match digital asset transaction platform, ParaEx adopts blockchain distributed ledger to keep accounts, verify and complete the connections between the transacting parties. Meanwhile it achieves the fair trade and checking anytime in blockchain public information, which ensure the purity, transparent and open of the transaction. Through blockchain credit evaluation service system, ParaEx provides financial services for users and organizations.

ParaEx is not just an innovative digital currency transaction platform based on blockchain technology, but a brand new economic form which will surely have a profound influence on the future of the world.

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