Shred & Tone – Workout Gear is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Sporting Goods Stores

No More Excuses!
Shred & Tone is about energy and passion. It’s about an obsession with being better, stronger, and more powerful. Shred & Tone believes in invention and innovation and constantly offering originality. Offering a wide range of accessories to enhance your workouts including…

The Athletic Brands Alliance has partnered with Mr. Checkout to distribute better fitness products under the Shred & Tone brand to independent retailers throughout the world. This will enable many sporting good and fitness stores to seamlessly acquire and offer consumers a wide range of exercise gear to help enhance our workouts.

There is no question that when you look your best and feel your best then you’re on the road to success. Our bodies are our most valuable asset and it’s so important that we take care of ourselves. The Athletic Brands Alliance’s mission is to make us look great and feel great by promoting healthier lifestyles, decreasing obesity and endorsing nutrition in our daily diets. Healthier lives lead to a better quality of life. By offering over 100 different core and unique products, The ABA specializes in adding excitement to our workouts, to get up and get going, to look forward to defining our physique and be a winner. After all, we should be passionate about our workouts and release our inner-beast that screams “I WANT TO BE THE BEST!”

Shred & Tone was born to promote 2 words that must be ingrained in our brains – “NO EXCUSES”. We all want to improve our activity whether it’s adding definition to our bodies and show off the rock solid six pack or a calm and relaxing meditation to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. Laziness and a tough schedule have held so many people back and they choose to accept the sight of their big belly growing or possible health issues that have to be dealt with down the road. How can we accept this? I won’t accept this! I want to live every day looking great and feeling great and I’m going to do something about it.

Where can we start? By looking at what Shred & Tone has to offer we see that there are many areas to focus on including Bodybuilding, Slimming / Toning, Support Braces, Yoga, and more. This includes…

• Body Building (Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Ab Toners, +…)

• Slimming / Toning (Weight loss wraps, Speed Chutes, Agility Ladders, +….)

• Support Braces (Designed to help immobilize injured areas and assist in recovery, +…)

• Yoga (Various Yoga & Meditation Mats and Accessories +…)

• And let’s not forget (Weightlifting Gloves, Jogger’s Hydration Packs, Body Rollers +…)

Let’s get started today!

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