Speech Pathologist Gina Baldwin Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Her Project APP2Speak

Gina Baldwin launches Kickstarter campaign to fund her APP2Speak project.

Gina Baldwin, leading licensed speech pathologist from St. Louis, MO has announced that her campaign on Kickstarter is now live and running for funding her project APP2Speak. Gina has over 30 years of experience in providing speech therapy services and has worked hard on developing this speech output software application designed to help speech-impaired adults communicate with loved ones and friends.

I have worked as a speech pathologist for 30 long years, providing my services in healthcare facilities and home-health environment,” says Gina Baldwin. “I have worked with people across all age groups and know exactly what difficulties people with speech impairment face in their daily life. The APP2Speak software application has been developed to make life easy for speech-impaired adults so that they can communicate more effectively.”

APP2Speak is an advanced communication software application, specially developed for adults with speech impairments resulting from conditions such as stroke, brain injury, progressive neurological diseases, dementia and others that directly affect the ability to speak and communicate. The condition can be extremely frustrating and challenging. Augmentative and Alternative Communication is a solution that can assist the affected individuals in everyday communications. It can help those who are unable to rely on the voice as a means for functional communication.

According to Gina Baldwin, APP2Speak is an interactive and fully customizable speech output application. It is currently available for the iPad. APP2Speak is a user-friendly and cost-effective solution for expressing the wants and needs of an individual that forms the core of enjoyment of relationships with loved ones and friends.

APP2Speak offers a series of preset pages that speech-impaired individuals can use to communicate and share their needs. This is done by selecting a photo with speech output for a word or a phrase. Another option that APP2Speak offers is the text-to-speech page that allows smooth and quick communication. The custom pages can even make it easy to indulge in personalized communication. Affected individuals can take a picture within APP2Speak or use a photo from their library. They can add words, phrases, or conversational paragraphs by using a personal recorded voice or preprogrammed voice.

Gina says that the response to APP2Speak has been hugely positive. At the same time, her team has been receiving numerous requests for incorporating new features into APP2Speak. People want development of APP2Speak on the Android platform too. It is evident from responses received from users that APP2Speak is making a huge difference in the lives of people.

As the APP2Speak software works on iPad, it is easy to carry around. The text-to-speech feature makes it easy for anyone with speech impairment to converse with their loved ones. The software application has clearly made life easy and enjoyable for ATS affected individuals.

The Kickstarter campaign for APP2Speak will attempt to raise $60,000 to fund various future development tasks for the software. The deadline for raising the fund is 23 October, 2017.

About APP2Speak:

APP2Speak is the brainchild of speech pathologist and therapist, Gina Baldwin. The communication software application has been developed to assist those with speech impairment caused by various factors. It is a simple and cost-effective solution to help affected individuals communicate about their wants, needs and emotions with their loved ones.

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