Conclusion to Trilogy Explores Levels of Cheating

While academic cheating in high school is widely acknowledged as being pervasive, cheating occurs at all levels of society. Sig Kriebel, former newspaper reporter and editor and now high-school English teacher, highlights the struggle with ongoing temptations to cheat in his novel A Whirlwind Swirling, available through Redemption Press (2017).

“What the characters learn through their struggles,” Kriebel says, “is that even though we can identify all sorts of cultural and societal causes for cheating, the ultimate cause is the wrong choices that spring from our fallen nature as people.”

A Whirlwind Swirling marks the final installment in the Superstars Trilogy, which started with Sparks Fly Upward and continued with Above All Things (also available through Redemption Press). The story traces the intertwined lives of two teachers and a student who expose a cheating epidemic at a small-town high school. Eventually the scandal expands beyond the school, threatens academic and professional lives, and becomes deadly.

The Indiana-based author says, “Like all of our difficulties, cheating is basically a spiritual problem, even though it manifests itself in a variety of ways in modern life.”

A Whirlwind Swirling targets general readers and young adults looking for fiction that deals realistically with ethical dilemmas and spiritual issues.

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