MedAlert Launches New Line of Medical Alert Systems in Florida

Palm Bay, Florida – Florida’s most trusted medical alert system, MedAlert has launched a new line of medical alert devices. With a number of alert guardians featured on their website,, users can feel safe and secure in the comfort of their own homes.

One rising issue among Americans is remaining safe as they grow older. It’s been reported that 96% of Americans want to grow older in their own homes, rather than move to a hospital or living facility. MedAlert seeks to make that a possibility. Especially for users who are living alone, MedAlert gives users, their friends, and family the peace of mind that they will be able to call for help should anything happen in the home.

Different guardians offered include the classic guardian, which is an in-home system that connects through existing telephone lines. There is also the home guardian, which connects users to emergency monitoring services. The mobile guardian is GPS-enabled and protects users both at home and on the go. Then there is the premium guardian, which is equipped with the latest technology, also offering a Fall Detection add-on.

Medical alert systems should be reliable and efficient, providing users and their caregivers a sense of ease as time goes by. That’s why MedAlert continues to work on and release new medical alert systems with the latest technology, and the availability for more necessary add-ons. With this new line of alert systems, each one better than the last, users can be sure that their lives will be well protected, and that they’ll receive the aid they need should a problem ever arise.

With new systems that are compatible with fall detection, land-line telephone connections, cellular based capability, wearable transmitter operability, increased or unlimited range, and long-lasting battery lives, one can see how the MedAlert system protects numerous lives. MedAlert exceeds previous expectations with their newest line of medical alert systems, helping users remain safe, keep track of their body, and get the aid they need.

For users or caregivers who are looking for that security and a peace of mind, MedAlert offers free brochures and consultations, as well as medical risk assessment tests to offer the highest quality protection for those who need it most. For more information, interested parties can call or visit MedAlert’s website to get the protection they need.

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