Little Lady Coffee – Coffee Company Run Successfully by 13-Year Old CEO

Canton, Georgia – When in the market for coffee, the default setting would be to go to a large chain or perhaps a local supplier. Places with Chief Executive Officers that are older, experienced, and specialize in coffee. It would be unheard of to purchase one of history’s most beloved drinks from a young teenager, even if she was an enthusiastic, tech-savvy 13-year old. But at Little Lady Coffee this is a reality for the customers of Gabrielle, the 13-year old CEO of the company.

This coffee kid has been an entrepreneur since she was 8 years old. While driving with her father one day, Gabrielle asked her father how she would make money that year. Traditionally, young children choose to run lemonade stands, but Gabrielle wanted to be different. She came up with the idea to start a coffee company.

With the help of a family friend, a logo was created and the branding of Little Lady Coffee was born. A vendor was acquired and Gabrielle and her family began offering a rich coffee with a deep flavor.

After a few years of personal growth and honing her skills, Gabrielle decided to start Little Lady Coffee up again. She launched a successful Indiegogo campaign, in which supportive, kind people donated the funds that  Gabrielle needed to give Little Lady Coffee a second chance.

After extensive crowd funding, analysis, and making sure there was a market for coffee, Gabrielle reintroduced Little Lady Coffee once more. Known locally for having the best coffee around, this company offers a medium-dark tasting coffee made with some of the best South American beans.

In addition to contributing to the education of a teenager in entrepreneurship, a portion of the income generated from Little Lady Coffee is donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa.

Besides being a teenage-run company, Little Lady Coffee is unique in that it is community-oriented, offers gourmet, delicious coffee, and can be used as a means of inspiration for other young children who seek to learn more about entrepreneurship and starting their own businesses.

Locals love the coffee and company for its charm, but also for the fact that it is operates in America. Customers of the company know their money is supporting the local and domestic economy of the United States.

For more information about Little Lady Coffee, customers can go to the Little Lady Coffee Company website where they can access more information about the company and purchase the signature Little Lady Coffee one-pound bag of Vienna Roast.

Media Contact
Company Name: Little Lady Coffee
Contact Person: Adam Gerstin
Phone: 770-609-9123
City: Canton
State: Georgia 30114
Country: United States