Shockwatch Engineers Technology to Ensure Safety and Reliability for Shipping Fragile Goods

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Shipping precious goods can be nerve wracking, especially when it comes to cargo that needs to be calibrated or remain upright at all times. It would seem that there is nothing that can be done except put blind trust in whoever is shipping the goods, but this assumption is incorrect. A product such as Shockwatch ( impact indicators or tilt sensors can be affixed to the cargo in order to track shipping and handling and assure that products are dealt with in the manner that they are meant to be.

Sometimes companies that are shipping precious goods will not take as good of care of them as they should because they know that the customer is not present to see the way that their packages are being treated. This is not right. Shockwatch assures that people are held accountable for the cargo that they promise to safely ship. Additionally, they help customers with stringent warranties get their money back or have damaged products replaced. This helps customers ship their fragile or delicate goods without ever losing control of handling.

The impact indicators and tilt sensors made by Shockwatch are highly sensitive and can reveal even the slightest discrepancy in the handling of precious goods. They are the most well-known and reliable on the market, and thousands of companies entrust Shockwatch to deliver their fragile packages in the shape they were intended to be in. The recognizable logo of Shockwatch alone is enough to deter people from mishandling packages, and the tilt sensors and impact indicators are even more useful in determining when and how a package was mishandled.

By using Shockwatch products on shipped goods, customers are insuring themselves against product loss and damage that is so often incurred during travel. The company name and technology act as a visual and physical deterrent of the mishandling of shipped goods. There is a psychological aspect to the word that Shockwatch does—knowing that those who are shipping fragile or calibrated goods will be more likely to treat their work more carefully with the presence of the Shockwatch logo. There is also the logistical aspect, which is the way in which the impact indicators and tilt sensors of Shockwatch work.

With great customer service and the desire to keep fragile packages as safe as possible during shipping, Shockwatch is a reliable addition to any package that needs a little extra care.

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