Tax Preparer in Traverse City Helps Small Businesses Gear Up for Tax Season

Padgett of Traverse City, MI, is offering free, 30-minute business tax assessments. Their small business accounting and tax preparation services empower local organizations to take advantage of potential savings and tax credits.

State and federal taxes are always essential components of a small business’s financial outlook. To help local businesses remain compliant with the tax code, Padgett of Traverse City is offering free assessments. With the guidance of an experienced financial professional and tax preparer, businesses throughout the community can file taxes confidently.

When a business is mindful of their obligations to the IRS, it is easier to remain compliant and avoid costly punitive measures from the government. The tax assessment is an excellent diagnostic tool for businesses. It can help predict an organization’s tax liability for the year. Through the assessment, tax preparers inform businesses of their current tax code compliance, as well as inform entities of possible tax credit benefits.

Helping Businesses Manage Their Tax Liabilities

With a free, 30-minute business assessment from Padgett of Traverse City, companies have the power to save time and energy. Working with an experienced accountant ensures the accurate filing of tax statements, which reduces errors and the possibility of fines or litigation. The assessment informs businesses of their potential tax responsibility. It also outlines other services a business might need before filing taxes.

By providing a clear picture of what businesses can expect this upcoming tax season, Padgett is helping the community with financial wellness and lasting viability. Hiring a professional accountant allows businesses to save more money on their operating costs. A Padgett tax preparer is available to help file local and federal taxes, allowing clients to remain compliant with current tax codes.

Call (231) 930-4168 to schedule a free, 30-minute business tax assessment. Clients may also visit the website to learn about additional accounting services. Padgett of Traverse City proudly serves businesses throughout Traverse City, Michigan, and the surrounding area.

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