Carlos Isaac Diaz partners with wife Sarah Diaz to launch Ad & Marketing Agency – Made by Carlos

Creative director behind the revolutionary dental practice MINT dentistry, Carlos Isaac Diaz partners with spouse, Sarah Diaz to set up a new advertising and marketing agency, Made by Carlos.

Carlos Isaac Diaz joined MINT dentistry in 2014 and made an instant impact. When he joined in 2014, the business had very little online and digital presence, with no appearance on social media, and no web and television presence. Carlos has moved on to set up his own agency, announcing the launch of his advertising outfit, Made by Carlos.

Carlos was the Creative Director at MINT dentistry and his creativity and ingenuity helped the business grow from 4 to an astounding 32 luxury dental boutiques, with locations in several cities across Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston Metro.

His work and efforts at MINT dentistry have been praised by many, with The Richards Group and Google being a few of them. According to Carlos, the desire to expand his creative ability to other businesses benefit from his experience and expertise, especially after his exploits at MINT dentistry inspired the launch several other notable businesses and projects.

“Before MINT dentistry I worked to create the most compelling work for my variety of clients. However, due to my daughter’s severe illness, I decided to slow down my own business and take a more financially stable opportunity for my family. Now that everything has been stabilized, I’m ready to spread my wings more than ever and do for other industries what I have done for MINT dentistry”, says Carlos.

Carlos takes his wife with him, who was the Marketing Manager and assistant to the CEO. “I joked around with naming my agency Made by Carlos, but my wife said it was a perfect reflection of my devotion and level of quality that I make sure goes into everything we do”, says Carlos.

Carlos does not only have a reputation for creating award-winning works, but he also mentors and teaches creative leaders. Accolades have already started pouring in from some of his many creative disciples. “My time working with Carlos left me with a lifetime of insight. He taught me how to see, think and execute. To say he was a mentor would be a gross understatement of the creative role he played in my life,” says Mauro Martinez, who has gone on to become a global sought-after artist.

The advertising marketing agency CEO has not only helped in revolutionizing the dental industry but was also one of the creative leaders who brought Oral Roberts University out of their turmoil years and into their greatest freshmen class in history.

The Advertising and Marketing Agency is already attracting interests from large companies even before going public. The agency is scheduled to be officially launched in late October 2017, with Carlos and his team hoping to create a lasting impact on businesses in Texas and across the globe.

More information about Made by Carlos and the services rendered can be found on the business website.

About Made by Carlos

Made by Carlos is an advertising agency founded by Carlos Isaac Diaz, a renowned advertising genius that has had exploits with MINT dentistry, helping to transform the dental industry.

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