Harvest Masternode Coin soon to launch their Pre ICO sale

Harvest Masternode Coin will soon be announcing the date of their pre-Initial Coin Offer (ICO). The pre-ICO sale will offer 120,000HC – Harvest Coins to the investors, each with a value of 0.50 USD. Investing in masternodes can help the owners generate cryptocurrency yields. Masternode is basically a section of the infrastructure of a certain group of cryptocurrencies. They are computer servers that provide services to the cryptocurrency users.

Harvest Coin is a decentralized network of Masternodes that does not include any intermediaries or gatekeepers, with over 80% pure PoS Block reward phase to ensure fast and secure transaction, encrypted messaging, multi-wallets, stealth address for complete anonymity as well as low number of confirmations, fees and total  coin supply for faster increase of value

Masternode coins help the owners in having more control and yield on their cryptocurrency. It generated yields by several ways, one of which is by offering services to the cryptocurrency infrastructure. Masternode generates reward block through the transaction fees charged during buying or selling the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency systems divide the block reward among cryptocurrency miners, the holders of the Masternodes.

Unlike the other coins that charge a proposal fee, the proposals in Masternode can be made by any person. Once the proposal is submitted, a vote is made by master node holders and proposal is voted in.  Additionally, the Masternode coins can also be improved by the ideas generated from the proposals submitted by coin holders. These ideas can improve the currency value which in turn increases the block reward values. The value of the yield depends on the coin value during the trading session, payout frequency, cost of hosting the node and the cost of coins.

By contributing to Masternode services, the contributors can avail the advantage of being a part of the decision makers for coin advancement. Masternode is created to offer long-term values and the founding investors have committed their money for a long term to make it stable and build trust among the other investors. The investors can get capital gains just by running the masternode service and moreover, they’re paid in that coin by reward from each block found.

Masternode also allows third-party service providers to give assistance to people who need to own Masternodes. Harvest Masternode coins are scarce and only 10 million Harvest coins will be made over the span of decades.

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