Outsource Data Recovery Offers Complimentary Hard Drive Repair Service to Victims of The California Wildfires

In a bid to give back to the community, Outsource Data Recovery is helping victims of the tragic wildfires recover as much of their vital information as possible. The company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is offering its hard drive repair service free of charge to those affected by the disastrous wildfires spreading across our nation’s west coast, allowing victims to restore their priceless information as quickly as possible.

This offer is restricted to hard drives from the states affected by these fires and the damage must be related to water, fire, or smoke damaged PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards). The free repair service offer will be valid until December 1st, 2017.

As a way to help individuals and businesses recover data from devices that cannot be repaired, Outsource Data Recovery will be providing deeply discounted prices for any drive that needs data recovery as opposed to repair, saving victims of this natural disaster thousands of dollars while recovering critical data.

Described as one of the most reliable data recovery service providers in the world, Outsource always offers its services at affordable rates with an amazing turnaround time. Diagnostics is usually completed within 72 hours, with the recovery taking another 7 to 10 days. The turnaround time is not likely to change, even during the wildfire offer, and clients can be sure of getting their information back in less than three weeks after submitting their HDD.

For more information about this offer call 1-800-573-4909 or visit their website to send in your Hard Drive, Flash Drive, RAID, or any other data storage device by clicking here.


Outsource Data Recovery is a data recovery and hard drive repair service provider formed by a team of senior experts in the computer forensics and data recovery industry. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, the company serves governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide, and is a sister company to Donor Drives LLC, the world’s largest data recovery parts supplier.

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