Picking and Packing Service Offered by Cannon Packing & Logistics More Flexible than Ever

Retail businesses often have different packing and fulfilment requirements depending on the season, on promotional or sale offers, and more. This is something that is fully understood by companies like Cannon Packing & Logistics, and this is why its pick and pack service is now more customised according to customers’ needs.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Oct, 2017 – Cannon Packing & Logistics, in Oxford, has been operating for decades – in fact, its history and origins stretches back all the way to the 1900s. This privately-run and owned company has a staff of 125 strong, and it boasts of its own 9,000 sq.metre warehouse as well.

But there are other reasons why Cannon Packing & Logistics remains one of the most respected and in-demand packing and logistics companies in the area and beyond. One of these reasons is its flexible services, which can be designed to fit with whatever customers demand and require.

One such service is Cannon Packing & Logistics’ picking and packing service. This service caters to both big and small volume orders and customers, and it can be expressly designed to suit any customers’ requirements, whether they require an ongoing or continuous fulfilment service or require help only for a single time (due to seasonal demands, for instance). Cannon Packing & Logistics says more about its picking and packing service: “Cannon Packing can help you with your pick and pack fulfilment needs. The pick and pack service is flexible for large and small volume customers. Pick and pack services can be set up for ongoing fulfilment or a one time project. Cannon’s unique packing management systems are developed to streamline pick and pack processes for each client.”

With the picking and packing service provided by Cannon Packing & Logistics, clients are able to save money, as they only pay for the service they actually need. What’s more, thanks to Cannon Packing & Logistics’ warehousing service, clients no longer have to worry about the cost of renting additional warehouse space or hiring additional staff just to fulfill a seasonal or promotional requirement. The staff of Cannon Packing & Logistics is also fully trained and experienced in picking and packing and complete order fulfillment. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, clients are able to save time as well, and provide their own customers with a faster and more efficient service.

About the company:

Canon Packing & Logistics Ltd is an established provider of packing and logistics services for customers in the United Kingdom. To find out more about the pick and pack and contract packing as well as fulfilment and warehousing services offered by the company, visit the website. 

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