Cannon Packing & Logistics offers more scaleable and flexible contract packaging service

As a packaging company based in the UK, Cannon Packing & Logistics has helped numerous customers fulfill their packing and logistical needs. But one aspect which makes the services of Cannon Packing & Logistics more in-demand than ever is its scaleable and flexible service, completely personalised according to the customers’ precise needs.

UNITED KINGDOM – 20 Oct, 2017 – Whenever businesses, big or small, have packing and logistical needs (including warehousing and fulfilment), they have continuously turned to packing and logistic specialists which provide them with a service that strives to fulfill their requirements. But whilst there may be many such packing and logistics services in the UK, there is one company which has made many customers more-than-satisfied: Cannon Packing & Logistics.

What makes Cannon Packing & Logistics’ services more unique than most is the fact that it offers a customised service – a service that caters expressly to the customers’ requirements. The contract packing service provided by Cannon Packing & Logistics, for example, is both scaleable and flexible, which means that whatever customers require (whether they require seasonal packing, promotional packing, or more) they can rest assured that Cannon Packing & Logistics will provide them with a service that first their needs and requirements.

As Cannon Packing & Logistics explains, “Retail packing can cause large promotional or seasonal fluctuations in staff requirements, warehousing and production space. You do not need to plan and pay for these fluctuations as these are always available through us.”

Some of the most popular services offered by Cannon Packing & Logistics include gift packing, large volumes and peaks in demand packing and logistics, seasonal trading demand packing, returns and stocks cleansing, fulfilment from storage to despatch, the assembly and stocking of display units, quality inspection and repacking, barcode printing and labeling, secondary food packing, and sample and promotion packing. The contract packing service offered by Cannon Packing & Logistics is also in high demand with numerous customers. Cannon Packing & Logistics confirms, “We perform contract packing and kitting for any product type, from tiny components to big retail products, bulky, intricate, and high value parts.”

Since Cannon Packing & Logistics has 125 permanent staff members, fluctuations in packing and logistical requirements can be addressed in an efficient manner. Aside from this, customers have the option to only pay for whatever they need as and when they need it.

About the company:

Canon Packing & Logistics Ltd is a premier provider of packing and logistics services for businesses in the UK. To learn more about its contract packing service, fulfilment service, warehousing service, pick and pack service, and more, visit the website. 

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