Allriot Political Streetwear Launches Russian Revolution T-Shirts

Unique T-Shirt company announces their new political range of soviet T-shirts

An exciting T-shirt brand has announced the launch of its new range of political fashionwear which has already gained worldwide attention. Allriot, which specializes in fun and crazy political T-shirts has introduced Russian Revolution T-Shirts. These T-shirts aim to start a discussion about the significance of Russian Revolution and its impact on the World.


At a time where the world is in a state of political unrest, and young people opinions are being ignored, Allriot feels it’s important to allow people to engage freedom of speech and express themselves through fashion.

The political propaganda T-shirts which are unisex and come in different sizes have already become a huge hit with those that are fed up with their voices being ignored. The October Revolution T-shirts not only provide a political statement, they are also fashionable aswell.

A spokesman for Allriot said: “Nov. 7, 1917, was an important date, a date that changed the political world forever. We wanted to celebrate that date and how the Russian revolution changed the political landscape with a new range of T-shirts.”


The Russian Revolution T-shirts come in different designs. The Way To The Stars Soviet T-shirt is a stunning design that celebrates Russian space travel during the 1950’s.

The KPSS Communist Party T-shirt priced at just £18, has become one of the most popular in the new range. This T-shirt celebrates a time when Russian cosmonauts were more popular than film stars.

The Yuri Gagarin CCCP T-shirt features the iconic CCCP logo on his helmet. It is priced at just £18 and is one of the most famous Communist Party propaganda posters.

All the T-shirts in the range are made of high-quality materials, and unlike other brands on the market, these T-shirts are not mass produced in sweatshops. Each T-shirt is ethically made and will generate a talking point among family and friends.

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