CollaBoard, the One of a Kind Virtual Board Application for Carrying Out Digital Workshops

CollaBoard is an application developed by IBV Solutions that can be used for carrying out digital workshops and collaboration sessions on an extensive level.

October 20, 2017 – CollaBoard is a unique application that serves as a real time virtual workspace that allows teams and professionals who are geographically separated from each other to collaborate and brainstorm across multiple devices. It has been developed by IBV Solutions. With the help of CollaBoard, professionals and teams can work together effectively using the same one of a kind virtual board. By using this application, companies can easily enhance the overall quality of their virtual workshops, meetings and brainstorming sessions as well as co-create with the help of natural inputs such as voice commands, touch and inking. In modern corporate hubs, teams that need to work together are often located at great distances from one another. However, the CollaBoard app can help to bring them all together and enhance the overall experience of working.

Designed and developed to be used for Windows 10 and Surface Hub devices, the app can work seamlessly to enhance the overall experience of working together and make it possible to improve the functional efficiency of a team. Therefore, CollaBoard can literally redefine the whole scope of digital workshops carried out in a corporate environment. The app makes it possible to carry out extensive virtual meetings wherein multiple teams can come together and share their thoughts. This makes it perfectly possible for teams to share their thoughts and inputs with one another. The inputs can be seen in real time across multiple devices. The digital workshops carried out through CollaBoard can also help companies to make the most effective use of their financial resources and bring down the costs associated with running a business.

Being one of the most result driven and highly functional collaboration applications that is currently available in the market, the CollaBoard can help users to plan, arrange, prepare and execute their digital workshops in the best possible manner. CollaBoard allows users to fuse together the benefits of traditional workshop methods with the modern facilities of a digital world. This makes it far advanced than standard means of using sticky notes. One of the best features of CollaBoard is that it is equipped with an excellent natural user interface which makes it possible for the users to benefit from the application. The features really make CollaBoard intuitive and easy to use which allows corporate firms to using the application immediately after installation and come up with new ideas that may benefit their enterprise. CollaBoard is also equipped with the Azure Cloud computing facility that makes it possible for the users to share their files and folders through common cloud storage. The program is also optimized for large screens that allow seamless collaborating at all times.   

About CollaBoard:

CollaBoardis an application developed by IBV Solutions that makes it possible for companies to effective collaborate with each other in a virtual board and share their thoughts and ideas about the projects that they are working on.

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