Author’s new book “Career Thief” receives a warm literary welcome

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Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Career Thief by Michael E. Fulkerson and Michael King is a compelling story of an anti-social serial thief, a man with a weird idea of life, of society, and of right and wrong. From the earliest years of his conscious life, Malefic, of Russian descent and first generation American, has cultivated a set of skills that put him apart as an expert in breaking and entering, and his entire life has revolved around this. Now, he has a dream — steal as much as he can and retire to an idyllic lifestyle, somewhere near the beach. At the moment when he is about to pull off the most dramatic of his stealing feats, the odds get stacked against him. Can he succeed this time in using his skills to create a perfect end to a seemingly successful career? Or will his obsession blind his vision and send him straight to his doom?

I have never read something like this. Yes, a serial thief. Of course, there are many novels out there with characters who just kill, psychopaths who don’t understand what they do, but a serial thief? No! However, it’s not the idea behind the compelling character that caught me off-guard, but the writing, the spellbinding narrative, the beautiful mastery of the first person narrative voice. The moment I read the first paragraphs, about the protagonist contemplating a murder scene, I knew I wasn’t putting this book down. With powerful emotions, somewhat confused about what he’s done, Malefic asks, rhetorically: “Ooh, man, I just pissed the rest of my life away. My eyes turned to the body, and my thoughts turned to my past, the really big question. How did I get here?”

Michael E. Fulkerson and Michael King have created a memorable character in Malefic, and readers will be keen on exploring the psychology of this character. At times, readers will get really mad at him, wondering how a person can function as though he was born with brains and without a heart, and then there are times readers will be eager and anxious for him. This is a character who best portrays the acute loneliness and apathy of our modern individualistic culture. Character-driven and well-written, Career Thief is a book that will awaken powerful emotions in readers while entertaining them hugely.”

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