Chandler Kerr is an Aspiring Psychological Counselor Whose Rich Life Experiences Will Add to His Therapeutic Effectiveness

Young Canadian Chandler Kerr has had many trials and detours in his life, but he has endured them and learned how to be a better person for them. His moving and powerful story of hope has informed his decision to pursue a career as a psychological counselor.  In addition to a lifelong and untreated gluten intolerance, Chandler also had to suffer from a long bout with Lyme disease. These health issues contributed to a rapid deterioration in his academic performance, leading to dropping out of high school and eventually falling into addiction.

Chandler Kerr, however, overcame these health issues and regained control of his life. Once he discovered that he was allergic to gluten — on his own — he re-engineered his diet to eliminate any toxic substances. He embraced Naturopathic, Functional and Environmental medicine, and his newfound health is the outcome. After recovering his health, he completed high school and enrolled in a program for a Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counseling at the Kelowna College of Professional Counseling. 

Despite his enormous strength of will, Chandler still has challenges before him.  The most pressing of which is his difficulty in paying the almost $7,790 in tuition his school requires before he can obtain his diploma. Chandler is now reaching out to the public to help him achieve his dream of becoming a counselor and helping others. In order to raise these funds, Chandler has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo. If you choose to make a donation, you will not only be assisting this deserving young man help many others, but you may also receive valuable perks like a comedy skit video, homemade bread, a run on Prince’s Island Park, dinner prepared by Chandler Kerr, photo session, or recognition in Chandler’s blog. To learn more about Chandler Kerr or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

Twitter: @chandlerkerr

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