Premier Denver photographer helping everyday women to enjoy Vogue-like experience

Renowned photographer Mark Ross is offering Fashion Inspired Portraiture in Denver to help regular women live a model-like makeover. He is also extending candid Family Photojournalism services.

Denver, CO – October 23, 2017 – Denver women who secretly wish to be shot like the super glam models finally have their perfect Photographer. Premier Denver Portrait Photographer Mark Ross is offering Fashion Inspired Portraiture that will enable everyday women to enjoy a plush model-like makeover and experience. Clients would have professional hair/makeup artists to accentuate their beauty for the shoot and Mark will himself guide on perfect fashion poses.

“I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own way and should be captured just like a celebrity model. If you yearn to be right on the pages of famous fashion magazines but are apprehensive about your looks or shy about being in front of the camera, I am the photographer for you. As a seasoned portrait photographer specializing in Fashion-like images, I know what it takes to transcend one to that super glam diva whom we rave about in Vogue or Vanity Fair. I want everyday women to explore their hidden beauties through my lenses that they themselves don’t know about”, stated Mark Ross.

A name of big repute across the photography scene, Mark Ross has had his great works nationally published 3 times this year. Recently, one of his images was awarded with the honor of “Best Commercial Image” and will be featured on two pages of the October 2017 issue of nationally acclaimed Shutter Magazine. This coming year, Mark will be traveling to Paris, France to explore his Portraiture service further.

“I work with professional hair and makeup artists who are acquainted with fashion photography and will transform you into the most glamorous version you’ve ever seen of yourself. After the wardrobe is finalized, I direct my clients into elegant poses, right from the elite fashion magazines. All of the client’s images receive advanced editing and retouching to remove blemishes and to ensure a flawless yet realistic skin texture.”

The photographs are preserved in luxury heirloom folio boxes. 

In addition to Fashion Inspired Portraiture, Mark also offers Family Photojournalism.

“Traditional family photography is artificial and can’t really convey the fine emotions and the unique story of a family. When you impose too much posing, the beauty of natural spontaneity is lost. I wish to change that and make things more natural with my Family Photojournalism service. It’s 90% candid and unposed to bring out and document the natural story of every family”, Mark noted while talking about his exclusive family photography service.

Families who want to be photographed would be given a questionnaire where they can state their favorite activities. Based on their data, the photo shoot is arranged in their homes or any preferred place where they can be easy and at their candid best.  

“I will be your own personal photographer for the day and would record each unforgettable and authentic moment you would share with your near and dear ones. All the images would be professionally edited with edgy editing techniques and tools.”

For Family Photojournalism, Mark Ross offers elegant print boxes to hold the photographs that all come with a sleek acrylic flash drive to hold a digital backup of every image chosen by the client.

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