BOSTON, MA – 23 Oct, 2017 – An author considers a new book so likely to be burned in protest it will be available in digital form only.  “A story like this upsets many people,” says J. E. Schuyler, creator of the sci-fi comedy Eden Beyond, “and with an ebook, no one can organize a book burning.”

Eden Beyond puts seven earthlings, including three still in their teens, in the middle of an alien civilization,” Schuyler continues, “where the humanoid natives don’t believe in religion.  I’m not trying to provoke anyone, but it doesn’t take much to rile up some people.” The locals do believe in wearing minimal clothing or none at all.

You won’t find Eden Beyond at a brick and mortar Barnes & Noble, but it is available at the barnesandnobel.com website. It is also on Amazon for Kindle and several other ebook sellers for less than three dollars.  Free ereader software is easily obtained online.

“No trees were turned into paper,” Schuyler says.  “The characters in Eden Beyond go into space because the earth can barely sustain life.  There are no plans at this time for a printed version.” 

For additional information, visit www.lulu.com/spotlight/edenbeyond

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