Welcoming VPN Freely: iPhone VPN Protection from Hackers

VPN Freely is a new free iPhone VPN app that can effectively protect one’s gadget from hacker attacks. The solution offers a shield by encrypting data exchanged through public WiFi networks, and it does so for free.

Over 210 million iPhones were sold in 2016 alone and the number of iPads is also up there in the millions count. This means that the number of lucky people using quality gadgets today is huge, but it also means they need extra protection. Unfortunately, the number of hacker attacks has been growing in the recent years. VPN Freely is an iPhone VPN solution that helps one protect from some cybercriminals by securing their online communications.

The solution offers the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone and effectively protects the device when it uses public WiFi. These networks are common ‘hunting grounds’ for hackers that break into the feed and steal valuable private data. With iPhone VPN protection from VPN Freely, all data going through the device is encrypted. Therefore, ‘fishing’ hackers can’t get a read on the gadget and steal the owner’s identity, banking information, and other valuable data.

VPN Freely: iPhone VPN Benefits

VPN protection isn’t new, but there are a few things that make VPN Freely the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone. Aside from the fact that it’s a free app offering premium-grade protection, it has a great number of helpful features:

  • Encryption is bank-grade (256 bit)
  • The app doesn’t require sign-up or demand private information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • VPN Freely acts like a Proxy to ‘hide’ the device under a secure IP
  • The app doesn’t have any activity tracking logs
  • No usage limits

VPN for iPhone: Is Free Download Too Good to Be True?

The majority of iPhone and iPad users have faced false ads that attract one with promises of free service. However, in truth, they only offer highly limited functionality for free.

VPN Freely is an iPad and iPhone VPN app that doesn’t use ‘cheats’ like that. It’s true that the application has a Premium account feature. It’s also true that this service package offers certain advantages.

However, the efficiency of protection offered by Free and Premium apps is the same. The differences lie in higher speeds, no session time limit, and some other details. All of those definitely boost the convenience level of using an app.

To those seeking quality VPN for iPhone, free download is available at the VPN Freely website and iTunes. The developer offers occasional free trials of the Premium version so that every user can assess its benefits.

One thing that the VPN Freely team guarantees no matter what is that the WiFi hotspot protection of the app will be top notch in any case.

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