Eco Global continues their mission to support underserved communities by pledging 25 percent of all new jobs along with training at two plants.

Eco Global, the renowned maker of renewable bio-foam and gels, is proud to partner with the Holy Family Home to provide jobs and training for their residents. Eco Global has committed a quarter of all new jobs created in their two RI manufacturing plants to people from underserved communities. It will also provide on-the-job training and workforce development for positions throughout the organization, from the production floor to the administrative offices.

As a For Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), Eco Global is setting a new standard for corporations to play their role in enriching the communities they operate in. Towards this aim, Eco Global hires underserved workforce in underserved communities and engages in constructive social work, such as retrofitting women’s shelters to be able to accept pets. The Holy Family Home, entering its third year of operation, was created by Rev. Edward Cardente and can house up to 12 women and 24 children.

“We could not be more excited about this partnership. The Holy Family Home has been serving the local community at the highest level for years; we also want to do our part to help those families get back on their feet,” said Jim Stallman, President and CEO of Eco Global. “We are proud to make our products in America, and with this partnership we can use our small manufacturing company to help the Holy Family Home residents gain independence. We intend to provide access to daycare, workforce and skills training so our new coworkers have every opportunity to maximize their potential and grow with our company.”

“Our mission is simple. We want to create a safe and caring home where women and children can temporarily reside during a time of crisis,” said Ernie Spaziano, Director of Holy Family Home. “Ideally, we can help them help themselves. We need to prepare them for success in every aspect of their lives and this partnership with Eco Global helps us with that mission.”

Apart from carrying on its social responsibility, Eco Global has made its presence felt by pioneering the manufacture of eco-friendly, plant-based foam and gel. Unlike the older petroleum oil based methods, the new foam can be manufactured in a carbon negative, safe environment. Some of the company’s well-known products include pillows, insoles and medical devices, all manufactured at its US facilities in Providence, Rhode Island.

About Eco Global Manufacturing

Eco Global Manufacturing is a 75-year-old family run business that specializes in designing, manufacturing and fabricating foams and gels. Eco Global has been an innovator in bio-foam technology, replacing petroleum products with renewable, plant-based resources. In addition to the environmental commitment, Eco Global is also a Certified B-Corp, committing profits and jobs to help underserved communities.

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About The Holy Family Home

The Holy Family Home’s mission is to provide a safe, caring and nurturing home for women with children who find themselves in peril and do not have the ability or resources to improve their situation. The home will provide accommodations and assistance for people of all faiths and denominations “who need help and support during a time of crisis.”

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