Crystal Clear Offering Top of the Line Heated Wiper Blades

Driving in the winter months can be hazardous due to low visibility. The blowing snow in the air and buildup of ice on the windshield makes it difficult for drivers to see. Sometimes, visibility even becomes worse when using wiper blades, as they tend to smear the windshield. All of these problems can be resolved however with a pair of heated wiper blades from Crystal Clear. These heated wiper blades will allow drivers to focus safely on driving with a crystal clear view. 

Crystal Clear wiper blades is a company situated in Brampton, Ontario. They are well known for specializing in an award winning pair of wiper blades. The blades are heated and help drivers get through the snowy and icy winter conditions. The company offers a single pair of heated wiper blades, or even a combination package of wiper blades and a module system. These blades are perfect for cars, trucks, and buses.

Having a pair of heated wiper blades in climates where there are very cold and snowy winters are very beneficial. Rather than having to go out to start the car to melt the ice on it or sit there and scrape the windshield, the wiper blades do all the work. The wipers make it easy to disperse ice and snow with their heating and melting properties. Windshield wipers are a vital part of a car and in the safety of a driver, so it is important to get a pair that works well.

Crystal Clear sells their heated wiper blades in two separate parts. The first part is the sensor, used to detect the outdoor temperatures and automates the wiper blades when needed. The second part is the pair of wiper blades. The blades are designed to heat up to a temperature of sixty-five degrees Celsius. This is a hot enough temperature to melt the snow and ice right off the windshield. Each of these parts is sold separately.

Crystal Clear provides information on these awesome heated wiper blades on their website. There they list information about the products and their prices, the safety features, reviews, and instructions on how to use and install them. Payment options are available on the homepage and an online chat is available to converse directly with a sales representative.

About Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear is known for their award winning heated wiper blades. They are the world’s first pair of heated wiper blades and an award winner of the Apex Innovation Award. The wipers heat up to a temperature of sixty-five degrees Celsius, a perfect temperature to melt the ice and snow in winter months. The team of experts at Crystal Clear aim to offer “superior safety of every person on the road, quality products that exceed expectations, testing and performance checks for every product sold, and innovative products that meet new, emerging driver needs.”

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