Gilgamesh Platform is providing Decentralized Knowledge-Based Social Network Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology

Decentralized knowledge-based social network platform powered by Blockchain technology

Skiral Inc. is a company based in San Jose, USA. The firm was created with a focus on using the latest technological developments in order to spread knowledge and contribute to the growth and success of humanity. 

In order to achieve that, the company set out to create a brand new product: the “Gilgamesh Platform” with the goal to empower book readers and authors, and increase the flow of knowledge. This is a decentralized knowledge-based social network platform that works with Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. 

The idea behind the platform is innovative yet simple. The Gilgamesh Platform is a social network app that aims to connect authors with readers and introduce book lovers to new literary works. 

Readers can review a book, like it, and communicate with authors through the app. Their contribution will be rewarded in the form of a GIL token, powered by Ethereum blockchain.

GIL token holders can vote to propose new features and changes on the Gilgamesh Platform. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh is widely considered the first great work of literature, an invaluable piece of human heritage. The Skiral team used this name to mark the beginning of a new era for authors and book enthusiasts alike – an opportunity for authors to own their material in full. 

Through the Gilgamesh Platform, authors will also be able to gain full ownership of their books by cutting out the middleman. With this platform, authors no longer need editors or publishers to reach their audiences. The platform builds a marketplace where authors can partner with copy editors, cover designers, and much more without the need of a publisher. 

The possibilities are truly endless for book writers and reading enthusiasts alike, and this community will mark the beginning of a new exciting market, where book authors can source all the services they need, maintain full ownership of their works, and really engage the audience.

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