New Fashion Line ‘Nviete’ Dealers On Female Jackets & Hats Kicks Off Campaign On Indiegogo

The idea of fashion is to make you look good and attracting, above all restore confidence, which is what the smaller sized ladies have been lacking when it comes to rocking jackets, as explained by founder of Nviete, so she came up with this idea to produce matching jackets and hats to ensure that she and fellow girls stay fashionable at no cost.

Fashion lover and founder of Nviete, is proud to announce to her fellow fashion lovers and the general public the launching of an indiegogo campaign to aid the funding of this wonderful fashion line ‘Nviete’ that would bring beautifully printed jackets and hats into the industry, and promising to change the faith of fashion.

Nviete is looking to raise $180,000 for this campaign, funds raised would be used to kick start a full functional clothing/ fashion line. Samples would be produced of jackets and hats on real leather, other processes would be taken care of as well such as the website development, flyers, advertisements, promotional gifts etc, all would be handled.

The Unique idea for this particular clothing line is that it would take care of everyone, restoring confidence to the female population one more time and also make them feel blended into a world that’s made and created for all to succeed and feel great about who you are and how you feel. Products are estimated to ship out March, 2018.

About The Founder

Founder of Nviete, Danielle is a young lady who loves fashion a lot and hopes to make changes to it. She is at 4’9 and always has issues finding a jacket of her size, so this brought about the idea of Nviete.

She is striving really hard to bring a fashion line to ladies just like her and urges everyone to help her bring her dreams to life and promises not to disappoint.

For more details about Nviete, to back this campaign or to get in touch with the founder, log onto her website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Nviete
Contact Person: Danielle
State: Toronto
Country: Canada