Airwheel A6S Self Balance Wheelchair Helps the User Fulfil The Quality Life

Airwheel A6S electric wheelchair is a best choice for those who are physically inconvenienced. It is positioned as a personal ATV by Airwheel and thereby it is natural for the user to treat it as a device intended for the outdoors. In the open air, it is a veritable treat to ride A6S and zoom about.

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Airwheel A6S Electric Wheelchairs is noted for its considerate design such as the kickstands, fast folding process, alterable handlebar and intelligent sensing LED and so on. The gyroscope system provides Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair with self-balance skills. You can simply use your body to control it easily and have fun with it. Actions like leaning forward and backward refer to accelerate and brake. It is easy for the first-time users to learn and they can balance themselves quickly.
Airwheel A6S
As we all know, the riders would become exhausted for a long ride since the scooters before were all designed with standing-posture mode. A3 chooses the saddle design and A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair installs a super wide and soft saddle to solve this problem. Compared with Airwheel A3, Airwheel A6S is outfitted with a foldable frame. Easy to fold and convenient to store. With the folding size of 0.8 m³, it occupies little space.
Airwheel A6S
Airwheel design team always takes safety in the first place. Double battery intelligent protection system protects the power system; Even if one system appears problem, the other system can ensure the whole electricity core is stable and safe in riding. Moreover, the signal lights on Airwheel A6S reassure the rider that it is safe to ride Airwheel A6S at night. The signal lights remind the pedestrians that you are riding Airwheel A6S folding electric wheelchair and close to them. The tail light will let the driver behind you see you clearly. That way, the odds of the car crash will be reduced. As a result, during the outdoors, it can be rode at night. On the way home at night, it will protect you until you arrive at your house.
Airwheel A6S
In pursuit of quality life, Airwheel A6S balance wheelchair is absolutely for handicapped people and it is worth owning.

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