Agi Dyer Purse Starts Campaign On Kickstarter To Fund Sun Shade Garden Wizard Project

Agi Dyer Purse launches campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for her project Sun Shade Garden Wizard.

Agi Dyer Purse, a gardening specialist and nature enthusiast, has announced that her Kickstarter campaign is life and running for her Sun Shade Garden Wizard project. It is a planting system that can help novice gardeners know exactly how much sun they get in any given space, allowing them to plant the right plant in the right spot and save money.

“I am passionate about garden and nature and have grown vegetables in all the places that I have lived,” says inventor and CEO, Agi Purse about her experiments with suburban gardening. “The Sun Shade Garden Wizard is a photo sensitive stick that can accurately indicate if your planting area is in full sun, partial sun, partial shade, or full shade without having to indulge in any guesswork. It is a simple, user-friendly tool designed to make gardening easy, simple and interesting.”

For any gardening project, planting the right plants at the right location can be a challenge, especially for those who are not aware of the intricacies of gardening. Plants must get the right amount of sun to survive and thrive. Some plants can die if they get too much or too little sun. The Sun Shade Garden Wizard can help gardeners plant the right fruits and vegetables in places where they are likely to grow the best.

Agi Purse and her team is on a mission is to encourage Americans to garden anywhere they can. She believes that this will improve the way that people eat and live. She cites the example of her picky eater five year old grandson who loves tomatoes now after a garden was built and planted at his house. He is now hooked to gardening and always looking out for things that can be harvested. It helps create a healthy approach to food and vegetables and can be regarded as nature’s way of soothing urban souls.

Sun Shade Garden Wizard is an innovative product that offers an elegant and economical way of determining the sun exposure of planting areas around any home.  The photo sensitive stick can be simply placed in a planting area. After one full day it can provide information whether a specific area of your garden gets full sun, partial sun, full shade or partial shade by a color change process.

The chemist working for the Sun Shade Garden Wizard team is close to finalizing the formula for the product. The fundraiser campaign, if successful, will help them raise money to defray the costs of product development, packaging design, manufacturing, and promotion. The campaign has a financial goal of $75,000 and the deadline for reaching this goal is 20 November, 2017.

About Sun Shade Garden Wizard:

Sun Shade Garden Wizard is a photo sensitive stick that tells you if your planting area is in full sun, partial sun, partial shade, or full shade. Developed by inventor and CEO Agi Dyer Purse, the product can make gardening simple, easy and successful and take the guessing out of planting various types of plants, thus saving users time, money and effort.

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