Fortress Clothing Announces Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Project BasePro And GlovePro That Employs Next to Skin Insulated Technology

Fortress Clothing announces launch of Kickstarter campaign for funding their project BasePro and GlovePro next To Skin Insulated Technology.

Fortress Clothing has launched fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for BasePro and GlovePro Next to Skin Insulated Technology. It is a Revolutionary Insulated Next to Skin Technology, designed to keep users warm and comfortable on cold, dry, and wet days.

“The BasePro and GlovePro is the world’s best insulated base layer, designed for use by both men and women,” says the spokesperson for Fortress Clothing. “It is insulated in the vital areas of the body, keeping the core areas warm without the inconvenience of multiple layers of clothes. The patented AERIS 250 performance insulation ensures that users remain warm when wet or dry as the insulation makes use of a 4-way stretch fabric that is comfortable for use on all types of skin.”

Fortress Clothing has taken patented insulation technology and modified it suitably to make the dress look less bulky and feel more convenient to use without affecting the performance in any way. According to the company spokesperson, BasePro is designed to be used under a shell, coat, sweater or any other dress that the user is comfortable to wear. It can replace the many layers of clothing that is usually needed during winter. BasePro can also be used while camping and can be used for keeping warm inside a sleeping bag.

The key features of BasePro and GlovePro include the ability to provide insulation in key areas, 4-way stretch brushed base layer, and enforced stitching for high movement areas.

BasePro can be used for a slew of activities snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, sledding, snowshoeing, ice hockey snowball fights, winter running, football games, shoveling and a host of other activities.

Fortress Clothing makes use of a revolutionary base layer that will replace the need to wear heavy and unwieldy and multiple layers even when the conditions are harsh and extreme. It makes use of a unique design and next-to-skin technology that can keep wearers warm and comfortable, even when wet. GlovePro is waterproof, windproof and durable and can be used any time of the year. The disruptive technology delivers a new level of temperature control and moisture control that can change the lifestyle that people follow while being indoors and outdoors.

Fortress Clothing has been in existence since 2012, servicing the industrial workers around the world. The technology has been tested in extreme severe conditions around the world in places like Alaska, Canada, Finland, Russia, Sweden and even Mongolia.

Fortress Clothing has established their market and their manufacturers and fabricators are also in place. Their main goal is to deliver the best new clothing technology to all their backers on time.

The Kickstarter campaign by Fortress Clothing has a financial goal of $22,000. The deadline for achieving the goal is 20 November, 2017.

About BasePro & GlovePro:

BasePro & GlovePro is a path-breaking idea by Fortress Clothing. It makes use of Next to Skin Insulated Technology. It is insulated in vital areas to keep body core warm in all weather conditions. The disruptive technology makes use of a new level of temperature and moisture control technology to change the way people live and enjoy the outdoors.

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