CONSUMER ALERT – Legal entitlement to a New Credit File just like Celebrities

Popular financial services provider, My US Bond Accounts, provides insights into getting a new credit file by reviewing popular Credit Privacy Number providers

Different people have different financial challenges they face and due the somewhat complexity and confidentiality of financial subjects, it is advised that people are careful with whom they discuss their financial matters with. Privacy and security particularly when it comes to financial information is very important. However, this has not been forthcoming for many for different reasons. Many persons also desire a legal new credit profile while they work on your SSN profile with 25K in credit. Some have been victim of the recent Equifax breach, while many others fear of their information being trolled on the dark web.

The above fears and challenges are real. However, just as these fears are real, so are their solutions. Many people are not aware that they are legally entitled to a New CPN File (Credit Privacy Number), otherwise known as a Secondary Credit Number via the 1974 Privacy Act Law. The reality of having this New CPN File is that it takes away the worry about one’s personal Social Security Number (SSN) credit and personal profile being compromised again.

The possibility of having a new credit profile while working on one’s SSN credit profile provides the opportunity to start over legally. Below are exactways of facilitating a brand new credit profile with a 700+ FICO credit score in as little as 30 days for very little money.

Ever wondered how politicians can stay private or even how celebrities do it, what about Witness Protection hiding the whistle blowers, how does that work, right!

My US Bond Accounts reportedly went undercover with 10 CPN SCN companies on the web that “Promised” to provide a legal new credit file with a 700+ credit score, which can be used for all things credit related like getting a house, apartment, new car, and credit cards amongst others.

However, it was shocking to discover that only 3 CPN companies reportedly made the cut! This quite expected considering the increased incidences of scamming on the internet. The 3 standout companies are legitimate service providers with a track record of a legal framework and guidance when providing a U.S. Citizen a new Credit Privacy Number Profile that is completely separate from their primary SSN profile. The companies are briefly highlighted below.

Top of the list is New CPN File. The company tops the list for several reasons. However, the major unique feature that separates it from the competition is the quality and speed of the service. As it is popularly said that quality does not come cheap, New CPN File was discovered to be a little pricey when compared with other such service providers.

IPower Credit Services is next on the list, offering reasonably priced services. However, they have a few bad reviews from 4 years ago about an affiliate that worked for them but other than that, they have been providing good service since the turn of the millennium

The last company on the list is My CPN File. Besides offering excellent services at good prices, the company has a mobile-friendly site that ensures easy accessibility even on mobile devices. The major con of the company is that it is a newcomer in the industry. However, their clients have good new files and they are proving themselves.

One major point to note about these companies is that all merchant processors no longer allow Credit Repair Companies or CPN SCN companies to process payments via credit card or debit card, since the beginning of 2017. Therefore, clients can only use payment methods like bank wire, bank deposit, check deposit, Bitcoin, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

The upside of this new development is that it saves clients the risk of using a credit card or debit card that potentially merge their SSN file with their new CPN file, defeating the purpose of getting the new file. Therefore, this is found to be a secure feature of the system for the protection of the new credit file.

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