SS Card Replacement Makes Filing For Replacement Social Security Cards Online Quick and Painless

Social security cards are an integral part of a person’s identity and are used for a number of legal purposes from applying for jobs to collecting benefits after retirement. However, these cards can be lost or even stolen if not correctly stored. In the event that a social security card has been lost, US residents now have an fast online resource for replacement of this invaluable form of identity.

Awendaw, SC – While there are several key forms of identity that a person may possess throughout their lifetime-such as a passport or state issued license-few are as important as the social security card. This small piece of paper may only be nine digits long, but it is unique to every individual and serves a major purpose when it comes to employment, finance, and even day to day living. When a social security card is lost, it no longer requires the tedious task of visiting a local office in order to file for replacement. Now, using SS Card Replacement’s easy to follow online resource, individuals can file for a replacement card in the comfort of their homes.

“People lose plenty of things every day; unfortunately one of those things is often a major part of your identity,” says company owner, Wayne J. Dove. “Whether you are unable to remember where you placed your social security card for safe keeping, or if you’re sure you’ve accidentally tossed it out, it’s important that you file for a replacement card as soon as possible. While this used to mean a visit to your local social security office, individuals can now safely file for replacement social security cards from their homes, thanks to SS Card Replacement.”

For many individuals, visiting a social security office is a burden. Whether the nearest office is hours away or their open hours are just inconvenient, those in need of a new social security card now have a quick and easy online option for applying. Applicants will still need to have proof of their identity on hand, which can include birth certificates and US passports. If an individual is more comfortable filling out application forms by hand and mailing or personally filing for their social security card replacement, SS Card Replacement also offers steps for this on their Facebook page (

Social security card replacement is common throughout the US. Reasons for needing a replacement card include lost or stolen cards and name changing following marriage or divorce. In the event that a social security card is thought to have been stolen, filing for a replacement card should also include alerting the proper authorities so that the SSA can make note of any suspicious activity surrounding your social security number. Replacement cards can be filed for both adults and children, but parents will need proof of both their identity and the identity of the child in order to file for a social security card replacement.

To learn more about filing for a replacement social security card for babies, visit the SS Card Replacement Google+ page (

Social security cards are necessary throughout life, from applying for jobs and opening financial accounts, to applying for assistance programs and collecting retirement benefits. SS Card Replacement is an online resource designed to help individuals file for a replacement social security card with ease, without the need to visit a local social security office. In addition to this service SS Card Replacement also gives detailed information about why social security cards are so important and specific ways to apply for a new one in various states.

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