China’s Smartphone Maker MEIZU Becomes an Official Partner of 2nd WMSG

Mahjong has been named formally as a sixth international mind sport, joining the same league as Chess and Bridge. It really raised billows in the sports circles.

Mahjong is a traditional tiles game originated in China, which has become popular since it was introduced to other parts of the world. It has attracted numerous enthusiasts in countries like Japan, the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Russia, and it once became a social game favored by the upper class. With the continuous development of mind sports, Mahjong has also been moving towards standardization and professionalization. Ultimately, Mahjong has become the sixth officially recognized mind sport of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

The Mahjong International League (MIL), as the unique officially registered global organization for Mahjong, played an important role in pushing it into the ranks of mind sports. Registered in Lausanne, Switzerland in July 2015, MIL has members spread over 40 countries and regions on five continents, including officially registered Mahjong associations, and 8 observers. In April 2017, MIL was admitted as a member of IMSA, which also marked that Mahjong won official status as mind sports. As a result, the World Mahjong Sports Games (WMSG), hosted by the MIL, has become the world’s highest-level Mahjong tournament, known as the‘Mahjong Olympic Games’.

Any developments of MIL attract wide concerns. Recently the following news popped up on the MIL’s website: China’s smartphone maker MEIZU becomes an official partner of 2nd WMSG.

MEIZU is the most well-known Chinese smartphone brand in the world. It has secured a certain market share in Europe, America and Asia, and it grabbed a slice in the market of eastern Europe early this year. However, it is very difficult to connect MEIZU and Mahjong, the two international images that come from China before seeing this piece of news. “With a shared concept of‘Pursuit of Perfection’, MIL decided to team up with MEIZU to pursue the ultimate achievement, i.e., presenting a briliant ‘Mahjong Olympic Games’” said the MIL.

“Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR), Riichi Competition Rules (RCR) and Sichuan Bloody Rules (SBR) will be adopted as rules for the games, which are divided into more than ten events, such as indidual competitions, team competitions and exhibitions. All players will be selected through the selection trials approved by the MIL. The qualifications to the selection trials will be available on the online platforms assigned by WMSG.” the news said. “MEIZU will, with its technology and intelligent equipment, support the WMSG tournament system and promote its intelligent development.” The smartphone maker received great praise from the IMSA and MIL’s leadership for its support and sponsorship for the internatinal mind sports.


The 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games, which will be held in 2018, is the world’s highest-level Mahjong tournament hosted once again by the MIL after its formal accession to the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA). Let’s wait and see what surprises that the partnership between MIL and MEIZU, may bring.

The following video is sourced from the official website of MIL:

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