Final week of Upfiring’s ICO – Earn cryptocurrency for sharing files on the blockchain

Of all the projects in the crypto-space at the moment, Upfiring’s potential is second to none. This app, which is currently inthe final week of its ICO, is innovating the way people think about file-sharing by incentivizing seeders. Rather than having many users (leechers, as they are known) trying to download files from a few users, Upfiring offers UFR tokens to users who share their files with the network.

UFR, which costs a couple of cents per token, is used within the application to download files from other users. This allows users who seed files to earn UFR passively each time their files are downloaded by other users. Considering UFR will be able to be traded against Ethereum on several exchanges, this could very well be worth it for anyone who partakes in P2P file-sharing.

Files that are offered on the network will be encrypted so that they are only available on the Upfiring application. This ensures that users are appropriately compensated for seeding files and that other non-blockchain P2P applications cannot gain access to these files.

Because there is an incentive to seed files, the potential for growth and availability of torrents, .pdfs, and various other types of files within this application is huge. The goal of the project is to create a massive network of files offered exclusively through the Upfiring platform.

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