The Prince of Darkness, a new age horror themed novel launches Kickstarter campaign

The Prince of Darkness is a new age, a horror-themed novel that is now launched on Kickstarter and aims to raise $5000 for getting it into mass printing and distributing to readers worldwide. The novel is written by Bret Tyler Skopek who presents a brand new interactive novel that is accompanied by a soundtrack and visuals. The story of the novel is about a boy moving from a small town to the city of angels which is filled with all kinds of intriguing monsters. His book deals with hot topics such as abuse from Hollywood moguls and dives deep into an image when grotesque monsters and demons have started to roam freely around the street.

Oliver Rain is fresh out of high school and leaves his small town surrounded by mountains to move to the glamorous city of angels. Like hundreds of other people, he grew up listening to the songs and stories set in Los Angeles. He starts working at a Japanese tea store and suddenly finds himself far beyond the comfort zone that he has lived all his life. He dives into a thriving romance, venturing the untreated territory and often writes spontaneous poetry on night walks through the city. Soon he adapts himself to the Hollywood grunge lifestyle that is full of rock and roll and hollow men. His recurring nightmares grow violent sleepwalking into a blurring sense of sanity when he starts to see the shadowy monsters and demons appear out of his nightmares. Oliver befriends the elusive Prince of Darkness who is a mesmerizing warrior from the Shadow world and destined to guide him through the chaotic world of darkness.

The Prince of Darkness is hoping to raise funds for editing, copyrighting, licensing and proofreading. The funds will also be used in doing attractive illustrations, production, promotion and developing soundtracks of the novel. The writer presents downloadable chapters to the backers which can be accessed on any device. They can choose the perk of their choice and get the eBook version of the novel. The writer will also release short stories based before, during, or after the events of The Prince of Darkness, written from a different character’s point of view.

Bret Tyler has also collaborated with friends to create a unique soundtrack to go along with the novel. The music video for the Prince of Darkness is also available at the Kickstarter page. The interested backers can contribute through

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