Mr. Bailey Baby’s The Beginning Album Goes Global.

Mr. Bailey Baby proudly announces that his entire album, the fruit of many hours of labor has finally come to realization when his first album “The Beginning” was launched for worldwide online distribution on all popular streaming sites. Mr. Bailey hopes that the new album appropriately named “The Beginning” will be the foundation of artists who are struggling to become a part of the mainstream hip hop community and conversation; and also catapult his music and artistic career into new heights.   

Mr. Bailey believes that there is a lot of talent still out there struggling and waiting to be discovers; artists should not be restricted by boundaries and limitation in the ways they can express themselves, however, many a times, the lack of opportunities and financial issues prevent the artists from making it big. Mr. Bailey Baby knows the struggles of emerging artists all too well, and as he continues to progress in his artistic career, he plans on partnering with graphic designers promoters and freelance  artists of all forms to cultivate a range of exciting entertainment and retail products while further establishing the Mr. Bailey Baby.

 A great believer of following passions, dreams and instincts, Mr. Bailey’s artistic journey continues to be an inspirational one that highlights Mr. Bailey’s strengths and determination to build a brand from scratch. Today, Mr. Bailey is also running a successful t-shirt brand. Mr. Bailey Baby’s sources of empowerment are his strong connection to his roots, his friends and family as he chases his goals. He takes inspiration from life, the struggle, and also from his surroundings.

On his first album, Mr. Baily Baby worked closely with his music producer and dear friend @ayeyoque to record mix and master songs, their artistic bond allowed Mr. Bailey to experiment with different ways to market and expose his sound to new people that love great music. With their combined efforts and the support of family and friends, Mr. Bailey Baby has shared a nice collection of songs streaming sites including Spotify in efforts to monetize the traffic of people who enjoy the highly energized lyrical content, which is the signature sound of Mr. Bailey.

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Mr. Bailey Baby is a rising hip-hop artists, and an entrepreneur, with a passion to create amazing music, and retail products.

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