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One of the most important online medical tools has been launched to help keep record of medical history for the whole family.

A new important online medical journal designed by 2440 Media has been launched to help people keep a record of their medical history including doctor’s appointments, medications, and current and past illnesses. Sick Journal (, which also allows users to add their family members medical history has become a vital tool in helping people keep a record of important medical information.

The online journal is not only an important user-friendly tool to keep an eye on the users’ medical health record including what medication they have been subscribed and when they have become unwell, but it also allows them to keep an eye on family members health issues. By simply logging into the journal, the user can see any medical problems a family member has had as well as any medication they have been given which can be vital when a doctor needs that information in an emergency.

In 2016 more than 141.1 million people visited a hospital for emergency treatment with 40 million needing treatment due to injuries. Each second in the emergency department matters and the more information an emergency doctor has at hand helps to generate a positive outcome. But what happens if the doctor needs important information and a loved one doesn’t have it at hand? Research has found that patients could be put at risk. Thanks to Sick Journal, having the right medical information no longer has to be a problem.

Robert Kruse, Executive Producer at 2440 Media, had his own personal need for the Sick Journal system. “I wanted a way to keep track of my migraine headaches, so I could look for any patterns that might contribute as to why I was getting them. Over the years, I tried to keep track on papers here and there, but they are all lost, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to develop Sick Journal.”

Medical experts have applauded the new online medical journal in helping people keep important medical information at hand. Sick Journal which is free to use also has an online community. This growing community allows people to discuss medical topics and share experiences and put people’s minds at ease.

“Imagine having to go for an MRI and not knowing what that involves. Many people have got themselves worked up before having an MRI with some not even turning up to the appointment. With our community, a person who has an appointment for an MRI can ask other members what actually is involved so they can relax and stop worrying about a procedure they have never had before”, explained Robert Kruse.

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