“According to Patra de Silva, President of NHV Natural Pet Products, “There are a number of things we can do to keep our furry friends safe and healthy this fall season as pet owners pay particular attention to the patterns of the changing season.\””
Fall is a fun time for pets and their owners, but it’s important to keep safety in mind. Things such as piles of leaves, Halloween tricksters, and cooler weather all can take a toll on our pets and owners should prepare.

Piles of wet leaves can contain ticks and also can irritate a dog’s paws. NHV’s Target Spray is an all natural tick, flea and mosquito repellant. It has no chemicals and works effectively.   When your dog comes inside, use a dry cloth to clean their paw pads. Make sure the tufts of hair between their toes are clean and dry. NHV Heal Care Ointment can come in handy to keep their paws protected and pain-free. This ointment can even be massaged on their limbs to reduce any muscle fatigue after being outdoors.

Halloween is full of treats — and tricks.All outdoor cats or dogs need to be kept inside and away from pranksters.  Black cats are particularly at risk for abuse during Halloween, and its best to keep them inside for several days around the holiday.
Keep your cat or dog away from the door, so they don’t run out. It’s a good idea to keep them in a separate room, and turn on the radio or TV to help block outside noises and knocks at the door. You may even want to disable your doorbell for the night, if you notice that it causes stress and anxiety. Ensure your pet has up-to-date identification, just in case they escape or become lost.  You can also give your cat or dog NHV Matricalm or NHV Lesstress to help soothe their nerves.  Keep pets away from lit pumpkins so they don’t get burned or knock them over and cause a fire. Candy and chocolate are not for pets. Chocolate is especially dangerous because it contains theobromine, an ingredient which is toxic to cats and dogs.

Hiking with your dog is great fun, but you need to be prepared. Consider a hands-free leash to ensure that your dog will always be attached to you. Carry a portable dog water bowl and pause often for breaks. Bring along some dry treats as well as your dog’s regular food in a container that keeps it fresh, cool and dry, as hikes can often take longer than expected. Avoid jagged surfaces and steer clear of any plants that may be poisonous. Dogs can attract wildlife like cougars and bears. Be ready with the necessary protection. Dogs love to run with you as well, but remember that even if you are training for a marathon, your dog is not.  Don’t overwork your furry companion.

For all outdoor activities, as the weather gets cooler, you can naturally support your dog’s joints to aid easier and more comfortable movement. NHV Old timer is a great herbal remedy for senior dogs and cats. Another great supplement for dogs of outdoor loving parents is NHV Yucca. It is a herbal extract that helps relieve pain, soothe muscles and aid digestion.

NHV NATURAL PET PRODUCTS provides veterinarian-formulated herbal supplements derived from organically grown or ethically wild crafted herbs to support the health and well-being of pets including dogs, cats and other small animals. All supplements are manufactured at a state-of-the-art GMP and FDA certified facility. NHV also offers vet consultations to provide professional support and guidance for disease prevention and integrative treatment of any condition. For more tips, visit www.nhvnaturalpetproducts.com.


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