Thinking TBH is lit? Actually YAY is more popular!

The new anonymous app YAY is sweeping across the Internet like a wildfire. It is a ton more popular than Facebook’s TBH.

Lately two apps have popped up overnight as every teenager’s favorite apps in the United States. One of them is TBH (To Be Honest), an anonymous app that is IOS friendly for youngsters; and the other one is YAY – To Be Honest (slang, Yes, expressing approval, agree, victory, happiness), the anonymous-social app with positive vibes that has been rising to the top of the charts, for middle and high school students who use Android devices.

How are these two apps going viral on the Internet?  People need to understand their differences, but in the end, how do people know which one is better? So someone decided to download both apps and give them a try. And the following is someone’s personal experience:

UI difference: Different focus points in the style of the design

1. Play interface: The design in YAY is more interesting; they use more GIFS that are teen likeable, they just nailed it. On the left picture it shows a YAY animated GIF, on the right picture is TBH’s with a regular emoji

2. Home Interface: The design in YAY is more intuitive, everything is found on just one page. The Gems in TBH represent the gender of the user, boys or girls. The design in YAY (the two first picture from the left) directly displays the information on one page, there is no need to jump to a second page; nevertheless the design in TBH (the last picture) shows that people need to click two times to skip to the next page, he just waste more time doing so.

As for the gems received, TBH uses two different color gems to differentiate between boys and girls. YAY just uses one color for the gems. The original idea of TBH is to show a difference between boys and girls, YAY, on the other hand, uses a design interface that already posts the gender of the user, so there is no need of making gems with different colors.

3. Feed Interface: YAY uses a card-style design (left picture), making it more concise and spontaneous. The player felt eager to slide down to keep choosing. TBH uses a list-style design (right picture), this way is less spontaneous since players can check all the messages at once. This point depends on the user preferences. YAY, as an additional feature, has a like button for users when they are checking out the votes that people have obtained.

4. Adding friends interface: YAY has an entry called “My friends” (the two pictures on the left). Also there is an interface where players can shuffle the right poll questions and draw in player’s friends. TBH uses a list design (similar to a phone contacts list) the same experience as mentioned above (the last picture). In YAY the user choices are all fully displayed, this is not the case for TBH, it only shows an “Add friends” list.

5. Me personal Interface: the display interface is different, YAY adds the function of making a screenshot of one’s own votes and the ability to share it on Snapchat; TBH has a list design so the player cannot see it directly.

Besides the evident differences in terms of design, these two products have a clear setting variance, after trying it out, this is the player’s personal point of view:

The Shuffle option in YAY can be used indefinitely, but in TBH it can only be used once. When people are playing with it, the way that the polls are displayed is very different. YAY displays 4 lines and people can see the profile picture of the other people, and after voting the players can see the percentage. After finishing one poll round, the players only have to wait 30 minutes in YAY, but in TBH people need to wait 60 minutes.

Regarding the download data and the users distribution, the player figured out that both have different aims in matters of states in the country and schools:

YAY currently focuses on Android users, and TBH focuses on IOS users. All the schools and states covered over the country are different as well. As YAY is focused on the communication among Android users it eliminated any location restrictions, so it covers every state in America; TBH, on the other hand, is only restricted to IOS users, covering up to now only 35 states.

In terms of downloading data, TBH is the first on the chart, but YAY’s growth rate has boosted very quickly.

Concerning the comprehensive experience, the design logic of these two apps is quite similar, but the difference in terms of user interaction is quite noticeable. Also the feedback from the net users is quite different:

Among the reviews from YAY users people can find privacy concerns.

In the TBH reviews people can see the following,

– Adding friends inefficiently; add friends review time is too long, players can choose to hide but it doesn’t work

– Privacy: it asks for too much personal information

– Crazy: within one hour you can only poll 12 questions

Combining the experiences mentions above, the player personally thought that both products have a rapid development opportunity in the future. TBH original users are IOS friendly, YAY’s are mainly from Android devices, users won’t get rid of their first choice, unless one of these competitive apps makes a mistake.  

The player think the key for succeeding in the future is the steadiness of the users in the platform, and the social relationship between the users. Which one is better, TBH or YAY? Maybe no one will know what will happen in the future,just try and waiting.

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