Airwheel C series smart helmets are powerful wearable device

The release of C5 intelligent came as a sign that Airwheel formally entered the field of wearable equipment. Now there are three different models of smart helmets and safe and interesting, Airwheel smart helmet is a powerful wearable device.

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In the wearable equipment markets, we are filled with numerous choices, like the wearable watches, and helmets. Most of those are into fashion and fond of something novel. They attach a great importance to design and practical function. Among them, Airwheel smart motorcycle helmet gave a deep impression to many riders, not only because of its exquisite design but also because of its advanced and practical functions.

Airwheel C8

Safety is of primary importance all the time, and fun and happiness is of secondary importance. Airwheel has been placing emphasis on safety. It thinks fun and happiness rests on safety. Out of this purpose, Airwheel decided to invent one kind of protective helmet. The main function of Airwheel C series of cool bike and motorcycle helmets is the protection during the ride. So far, there are all kinds of helmets existing in the market. But many riders regard that a considerable helmets are not comfortable after wearing them. C series adopts an integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength, which can bear impact to protect head effectively. It improves air flow by virtue of the comprehensive ventilating system.

Airwheel C6

As the market changes, Airwheel gradually adds more function to the modern-day helmet. The new technology that sprung up in the market fostered the idea of Airwheel concerning protective helmet. In view that many wearable equipment is endowed with more functions other than protection, Airwheel integrated the recreational purpose with Airwheel protective functions.

Airwheel C5

Wearing Airwheel C5, C6 or C8 smart helmets, the rider could listen to music. The high quality Bluetooth speaker can enable you to enjoy music meanwhile to hear the external sound, making you are ready to deal with emergencies. For those who like photography, Airwheel smart helmet is quite a useful device. It can be treated as a camera. The user can take photos of the surrounding views along the road. What is more, one key to answer the call is one of features. Freeing both hands ensures safe riding.

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