Amsterdam prohibits non-pile sharing of bicycles

Europe has been aware of the damage to environment and public orders of Chinese shared bicycles.

Recently, the European Shared Bicycle Platform (PBESS) has warned China’s two largest shared bicycle company, Mobike and Ofo, to be classified as “destructive”. PBESS does not want European cities become overwhelmed by the cheaply shared bikes like the Chinese capital – Beijing, which will not only disrupt the market, but also cause confusion for public space. Amsterdam is now one of the first to oppose a pile-free and unlicensed shared bicycle program. While in China, the government also have limited new sharing bicycles to the market. 

Sharing is dead? A Chinese startup company, Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co., said NO. They offer ONEBOT T8 electric bike sharing, also named Cobike. User can download their App, then scan QR code on the body to unlock the e-bike, just like how to do with Mobike. The difference is that they offer service to tourism areas, campus etc, where will have special management to keep electric bikes in an orderly manner. And users can check how much power left and how far you can ride the e-bike by App. 

So far, they have released 100pcs at Dapeng district (Shenzhen City, China), which is crowded by visitors to enjoy sea sight. The space is limited to park more and more cars, especially during weekends. People have to walk or ride bicycle operated by tourism management, while Mobike or Ofo is not allowed into their managing areas. Cobike offer them better alternative and the charge is 9 dollar per hour. 

Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Songshan Lake), is where DJI located their new center. DJI is the leader in consumer drones and products account for over 70% of global market share (Phantom Pro 4, Spark etc). The Cobike team also put 100pcs to rental service stores around Songshan Lake park. 

In oversea market, as we know, they made initial process and are discussing cooperation in Thailand, Switzerland, Hawaii etc. The mobile payment safety, GPS service and Insurance are the problems they have to handle appropriately. Will they follow the obstacle of Mobike or have a bright road? Let’s wait and see. 

For more information of electric bike sharing, contact them for details.

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