Lab Sensor Solutions Announces Landmark Study on Clinical Sample Temperature Compliance

Partner TriCore Presents Sample Temperature Study at 2017 Lab Quality Confab

REDWOOD CITY, CA – 26 Oct, 2017 – Lab Sensor Solutions, in conjunction with TriCore laboratories, is proud to announce the results of a landmark study on clinical laboratory sample temperature management. The results of the study were presented at the prestigious Lab Quality Confab run by The Dark Report.

The presentation of the study results, which can be download here, shows how external weather conditions, route times,  procedures compliance, and packing protocols can adversely influence clinical sample temperature. Moreover, the real-time nature of T-Tracks allowed for simple and easy corrections that resulted in improved performance within a matter of days. This proof point of the T-Tracks system underscores the importance of sensor systems that monitor perishable items such as blood sample, tissue, whole blood, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.

“The T-Tracks system has shown the ability to provide actionable insights to complement our continuous improvement programs,” said  Khosrow Shotorbani, CEO of TriCore. “The study results have already had a positive impact on our business, including improving quality.”

Consistent Results Among Other Installations

The results of the TriCore study are common among the dozens of other T-Tracks installations. When a T-Tracks system is first put in place, there are always gaps in the sample handling process that get revealed. Once revealed, the fixes are simple and quick — thus allowing for a rapid return on investment.

“It’s great to see TriCore’s leadership in this important aspect of sample handling,” said Geoff Zawolkow, CEO of Lab Sensor Solutions. “The results at TriCore are consistent with what we have seen at other clinical labs and proves that controlling sample temperature, while in transit, is a common problem that can be corrected.”

Sample Logistics is Critical to Sample Integrity

The study was conducted in cooperation with TriCore’s logistics provider. The systems and procedures that were improved were part of the  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) implemented by TriCore. Most of the recommendations and improvements the study revealed were a matter of compliance to existing SOPs that the T-Tracks system made easier to identify and correct. This was welcome news since it confirmed that the SOPs were effective when quantatative results were used to correct issues.

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