Sun Yuchen, the youngest disciple of Jack Ma

Sun Yuchen, born in 1990, the Chinese characters of Forbes.An lvy League school in the United States, a master’s degree from University Of Pennsylvania, and a bachelor’s degree from Peking University. Mobile social applications, accompanied by Peiwo APP founder and CEO, RuiBo founder and CEO, Jack Ma’s youngest disciple. China’s 90 after the entrepreneurial representative flgures.

Sun Yuchen is one Of the famous China 90 entrepreneurs, mobile social applications led the APP with me is Chinese voice mobile social leader, known as the “90 mobile social third pole”, one of the most influential social product 90. A few months on the line, the cumulative number of minutes application duration exceeded two hundred million minutes, the cumulative number of anonymous Chat, exceeded two billion times, up to millions Of registered users, the platform top 10 high quality female users monthly income Of up to sixty thousand yuan. My APP has access to Sequoia Capital, IDG capital, ChinaEquity etc. the number Of U.S. top investment institutions favor, financing Of up to tens Of millions of dollars.

Ruibo, is China’s first developer Of distributed clearing agreements. Sharp wave network is a block chain technology as the basis for the new platform for financial transactions, this platform will promote the intelligent distributed transactions, transfer of assets and shares issued, allowing equity, monetary assets such as the free flow of each individual in between.

In march 15, 2017, the first collection of books, “cruel and gentle in the world”, was officially published in mainland china. With its book royalties, it was the fifty-eighth richest entrepreneur in China in 2017, the only entrepreneur on the list.

Sun Yuchen early to study in the United States, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, since 2013 , he served as the chief representative, Ripple Labs Of the special representative, also served as consultant, Tsinghua University and Wudaokou Institute Of Finance (Graduate School Of the people’s Bank Of China) “Internet Financial watch” the academic committee, Davos Outstanding Youth Forum on a global community Of Beijing Executive Committee, he at the same time “Forbes” “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” columnist. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Peking University and a master’s degree from the lvy League School Of University Of Pennsylvania.

In the early years Of his life, Sun Yuchen suffered a disastrous decline in the amount of time he had devoted to the Internet, computer programming, and literature. High school Eve, the results are basically hovering at three online. He was determined to use a year on from three to the north Of the super reversal, and in the same year won the first prize of the ninth new concept composition contest, the new concept Of composition contest is the top event China youth literature, the emergence of Han Han, Guo Jingming, Zhang Yueran and many Other youth literature and 80 representatives.

In 2011 ,Sun Yuchen as the pioneer 90 boarded the Time Warner’s “Asian weekly” twenty-sixth issue Of the cover, the cover article period north Sun Yuchen university dream” described Sun Yuchen as a growth after 90.

When he was admitted to Beijing University, he published a demonstration question in “budding” magazine, trying to prove to people that ‘high school can take a year to make up for any regrets, as long as you make up your mind’. He left his correspondence address at the end Of the text and invited his contemporaries to prove the conclusion with him. The article caused a sensation among young students and millions Of readers. In just one year, his address received nearly 10000 letters.

He was among the best at Beijing university. Finally by the History Department of Peking University in the first grade graduated, and won the five top American schools admission, respectively for the Stanford University, University of California at LOS Angeles, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, University Of Pennsylvania. The final choice in American lvy League University Of Pennsylvania graduate, the same year he was funded by the Nobel prize winner Dr. Li Zhengdao “Jun Zheng fund” to Taiwan national Tsinghua University exchange, “Jun Zheng scholars” title.

In May 2014, Sun Yuchen was invited to attend the first Tsinghua Wudaokou global financial forum, briefed the meeting on the value of the world’s leading network protocol, and model innovation and regulators, banks and business leaders to discuss the Internet financial. The guests and the people’s Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan, Chinese Commission Chairman Liu Hongru, the first president of Tsinghua University Chen Jining, Dean Of the Tsinghua University National lnstitute of finance Wu Xiaoling, Shenyin Wanguo Securities Limited by Share Ltd chairman Li Jiange, Vice Minister of education Lu Xin.

In May 2014, Sun Yuchen was invited to participate in the China Beijing International Service Trade Fair, is discussed with the Yangtze River Business School professor Chen Long, vice president of finance Qian Daibao. Chinese SME bank, deputy general manager Tian Chuanzhan, YeePay the theme Of CO-founder Yu Chen, executive vice president of the loan pat Zhou Hao, China win investment group the chairman and President Of Li Wenqiang et al “reshaping force for change”.

2011 Asian cover figures, the 2014 Davos forum for global outstanding youth

2015 Forbes Chinese 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old.

2015 CNTV Chinese Internet new year Of the year, in 2015 Jack Ma became the founder Of Lake University, the first batch of students only 90 students.

In 2017, character of Forbes, Asia’s 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years Of age .

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