Colonel Harland Sanders’ suit available for purchase on eBay

Legendary business owner and founder of popular franchise, Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken has his suit auctioned on eBay from November 3 2017, at a starting price of $3500 US

Colonel Harland Sanders, the popular founder of world-renowned fast-food franchise, Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for his delicious kitchen recipes. However, what too many people did not know about the founder of KFC is that he had a suit made by Merton Chesher on May 12, 1980, which was only 7 months before Colonel Sanders passed on. The suit is now being auctioned on eBay from November 3, 2017 for 10 days at a starting price of $3,500.

Colonel Sanders resided in suburban Toronto during the sixties and seventies, buying his Canadian home in 1964. As a business person, the popular food icon, had stints of successes as a country lawyer, insurance agent, ferry operator, and playing the Michelin Man. He also ran a gas station and restaurant along US 25 in Corbin, Kentucky, where he became famous for his fried chicken recipe, with hungry travellers stopping by for some delicious piece.

Sanders however did not find it all rosy after his restaurant was bypassed by Interstate in the mid-fifties. This led Sanders to hit the road, selling his recipes to potential franchisees, driving across the country with 11 herbs and spices blend as well as a pressure cooker. In his autobiography, Sanders wrote, “The business I developed was a personal one.” “I knew most all of the franchisees by their first names, and many of them had slept in my beds and eat breakfast at my table. We was just one big family.”

The rest is history and while KFC is one of Sanders’ biggest legacies, he also left a very rare collectible in the Colonel Sanders Suit. The suit was literally owned by the founder of KFC for 7 months and remains in mint condition.

Sanders was known for wearing a white suit, irrespective of what he did, even if it was gardening or raking the leaves. Loved by virtually everyone in the neighbourhood, Sanders frequented Canada but never lived there for any period of time.

In addition to his home which was bought by the mother of the seller in 1985 from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sanders also left two suits which were found in the home. The suits were found in the 2nd floor closet and while one of them was altered in preparation for the house warming party after the home was bought, the other with number 8059 remained intact and its original condition.

The auction on eBay from November 3, 2017, which lasts for 10 days provides a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of one of the food icon’s most cherished items. The bidding price starts at just $3,500 but one can only imagine how fast the price will rise, making it imperative to make the move as soon as possible.

This is an opportunity for lovers of KFC and persons that appreciate the tenacity of Colonel Sanders to be a part of his history.

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